Five Ways to Let Girls Know They are Beautiful

What messages about beauty are we sharing with the girls in our lives? Whether we have daughters, granddaughters, nieces or young friends, the way we think and speak about beauty impacts the girls around us. Really! My friend Alexandra Kuykendall is a mom of four daughters, and she has thought a lot about the messages she conveys to them and to other young women. I loved her thoughts so much that I asked her permission to include them in my upcoming book, Hello, Beauty Full. Read on ... Elisa Five Ways to Let Girls Know They are Beautiful By Alexandra Kuykendall Your joy is beautiful. "You have a beautiful smile." "Your eyes twinkle when you're thinking about that." "It makes me happy to see

She Said, He Said

Ever get stuck between the contrasting voices in your life - and which you choose to heed? Like every ten seconds? Yup. Me too. That's why I ADORED this piece by my rockingly honest friend, Karen Booker Schelhaas when she submitted it for the FullFill digizine. I liked it soooo much that I asked her permission to include it in my upcoming release, Hello, Beauty Full. Read on ... Elisa She Said, He Said By Karen Booker Schelhaas She's persuasive, pushy even. I keep thinking I can unfriend her, but she insists I keep her around. She speaks in ways that are familiar to me. I listen. She says I'm a mediocre spouse, that the sum of my failures is a giant slap in the face of Christian marriage. Th

Mother Loss

I lost my mother over twenty-six years ago. One of my dearest friends lost her mother a week ago. I was thirty-four. My friend is sixty-three. What's the difference in losing your mother in your thirties versus your sixties? Really, I have no idea. When my mother left this planet for a better place, I was in a season when I was working hard to separate from her and how I perceived her as needing me to meet her needs. In so many ways, she left too soon. Before I finished turning away from her. Before I was ready to turn back to face who she was, what she did have to give me ... what I could safely discover and enjoy in her without losing myself. In the window of ten days one February, I praye

Your Place in the Story

What we think about ourselves impacts how we act. My friend Carolyn reminds me of that - the significance of being an image-bearer and the importance of stepping into the reality of my purpose. Challenging and inspiring thoughts. Stretch your own thinking with Carolyn's wise insights ... Elisa Your Place in the Story By Carolyn Custis James In Michael Ende's The Never Ending Story, the young schoolboy Bastian escapes bullying schoolmates by dodging into a bookstore where he comes upon a mysterious book so intriguing he plays hooky to read it. The story contains all the elements of a captivating adventure: a lost world, fierce conflict between the forces of good and evil, and valiant heroes a

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