Seeing Our Beauty in the Mirror of Friendship

Hesitantly, I approached the mirror that stretched across our bathroom vanity. It was a season of unexpected learning. At sixty years of age (sixty!) - and after forty-five years of knowing Jesus - I'd arrived at a surprising reality. I didn't really believe that God loved me. Oh, I sort of knew the "Jesus Loves You" kind of love. But as I'd been digging into the me-application for a new writing project, one on how God sees us through Jesus as beauty full, I'd unearthed new doubts and sent myself sprawling into unbelief. Not me! I've done too much stuff wrong. I'm ugly inside. I'm selfish and stubborn. And then, oooooh, the biggie that I discovered on a long bike ride: I'm scared to let God

10 People Whose Judgment About My Body Is Entirely Irrelevant

Margot Starbuck startles us into honesty about the extreme level of our self-judgment with her personal list of irrelevant judges in her life. See if her observations jumpstart your perspective? It connected so deeply with me that I included her list in one of the "Becoming Beauty Full You" exercises in my upcoming book, Hello, Beauty Full. Elisa Ten People Whose Judgment About My Body is Entirely Irrelevant By Margot Starbuck People who will evaluate what I'm wearing in church People who see me wearing unflattering Lycra while doing cardio People who are younger than me People who are older than me People my age The mail carrier People leaner than me People chunkier than me Men Women Margot

Hello, Beauty Full

This moment. When I found myself asking - really asking - if I believed God loves me and sees me as beautiful. I punched open my garage door to flat morning air. Gray. Overcast. The kind of sky that tells you to go back inside. But I'd committed to this walk, so off I went in my baggy sweat shorts and striped tank top. A frayed "Waffle House Regular" baseball cap covered my not-yet-washed hair. I was a vision for sure. Pumping my arms and angling my hips in my best speed-walk-look-like-a-dork posture, I took off down my street toward the entrance to the open space behind our house. Ahead, a biker approached, slowing to make his own way around the dogs, which were now some distance in front o

Loving Your Body - Even When It's Hard

Sometimes I like my body. Make that occasionally I like my body. And sometimes I’m uber embarrased by it. The crepe paper skin above my knees must NOT be bared for public viewing. Then there’s my growing turkey throat that I like to accessorize with a scarf no matter the season. Today in her blog, friend and co-discoverer in life, Kathi Lipp, takes me by my pudgy-fingered hand and walks me into her own journey from body horrible to body beauty full. Come along with us and take a new look at the vessel of “you” in which God inhabits this planet? Elisa Loving Your Body (When You Have Every Reason in the World Not To) By Kathi Lipp I loved my writer's group. There were five of us who met on a r

Through a Cracked and Clouded Lens

What do you see when you look in the mirror? My friend Nicole Mills has been through a lot. And through her journey, God has given her eyes to see what he sees. May we all learn to see ourselves the way God sees us: beauty full. Elisa Through a Cracked and Clouded Lens By Nicole Mills "You are BEAUTY FULL!" a dear friend responded to the picture I had sent. I smiled to myself as I read her kind words. But even as gratitude caused my heart to swell, questions of doubt pierced it. BEAUTY FULL? Really? Me? Were we looking at the same picture? I even went back to my "Sent" folder to confirm that I had attached the correct picture. I'm not sure what I expected when the file opened, but my heart s

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