Does Appearance Matter?

Do you color your hair? Why? Or why not? I color mine - two colors! Regular brown and irregular platinum. The platinum is a nod to where I'm headed - and in some parts of my head where I already AM. I'm preparing myself - and others who look at me. Think on your answer today with our Blog Manager, Carla Foote. Elisa Does Appearance Matter? By Carla Foote I was struck by an article I read on a mainstream news platform, regarding whether or not women should color their hair as they start graying with age. First of all, the obvious gender issue - there are no articles about whether or not men should color their hair! Then I felt the weariness of the topic - another article about appearance and

The Hiss

In my most stripped down, honest moments I realize that I rarely really believe God's pronouncement of "good" over me. More quickly I tune my ears into the Hiss. How did this ancient murmur become so powerful in my modern life? How does the volume of white noise falsity grow so loud? I think back to when I was five years old - a moment with my father. He'd beckoned me aboard his knees in his cushy white armchair in our den. Holding my shoulders and peering into my eyes he said, "Elisa, I've decided I don't love your mother anymore. We're getting a divorce." Hissssssss! God does not love you! The Hiss continued as I faced the harsh truth that my mother couldn't be stable for me as she herself

The Tarnish of Hypocrisy

Most of us struggle to see ourselves the way God does: beauty full. Where we get stuck is on the "why." Friend Judy Douglass, who partners with her husband, Steve, in leading Cru, bares her honest excuse for her own vision impairment: She sees her hypocrisy more than God's restoration. Elisa The Tarnish of Hypocrisy By Judy Douglass Hypocrisy is ugly. Just ask all those people who responded to Barna surveys: "I don't like Christians because they are critical and hypocritical." Ugly. Personally, I hate being a hypocrite. I don't want to be ugly. I've come a long way. People have called me real. Authentic. And I am surely more real and authentic than I used to be. Living for seven decades, wal

Fast Enough?

Are you a runner? Once upon a time I was. Or at least I ran. I wasn't great at running - my legs are too short to have a pretty stride. But I ran. And as I ran, I could hear the voices in my head that my friend, Aubrey Sampson writes about. The ones that led her - and lead us all - to apologize for being "less than." Elisa Fast Enough? By Aubrey Sampson I remember running for the very first time with a college boyfriend. "Can't your feet move any faster?" he asked. They couldn't, actually. I was new to running. I was in theater and student council. I gave speeches and performed one-acts and made documentaries with my artsy friends. I didn't jog in my spare time. And I certainly didn't know I

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