Get Your Grateful Going

In our family, I’ve been partial to the Thanksgiving craft of hand-made turkeys. You know, where you trace your around your hand on a sheet of construction paper and cut out the pattern to form a turkey? We don’t do this every single year – my family would object: “Oh MOM!” But from time to time we’ve returned to this trendless tradition, most recently adding an assignment: Name five things for which you are thankful – and share them around the table. One for each finger/feather. In some years the thanks flow. ThankFULLness. We burst with gratitude! A wedding is in the works. A fabulous job. Vacation just around the corner. In others, someone – or everyone - is somberly silent. Not so sure w

Listen to the Cheer, Not the Hiss

So what voices are you listening to in your life? Have you been listening to "The Hiss"? Not sure? Lorilee Craker takes us for Round Two on this topic. Come with her and consider ... just who are you listening to in your life? PS - Read more about "The Hiss" in Really's October 20, 2015 blog. Elisa Listen to the Cheer, Not the Hiss By Lorilee Craker The old snake is smart, most of the time. He knows we would act fast if we smelled smoke. Or our carbon monoxide detectors went off. So he keeps his hissing low to the ground, subtle, sneaky. And he kills us softly, slowly. When Elisa Morgan called Satan's sewage-spewing lies "the Hiss" in Hello, Beauty Full, I grabbed on. Mercy! How I love the r

God Uses Everything

I would never want to lose one baby to gain another. No way. And yet, this week I'm wondering about how loss can enlarge our capacity to love, how suffering can stretch our understanding of joy and how pain might deepen our embrace of everything. Fat strips of white tape fastened his tiny arm to an IV board. Fluid fed through tubing the size of a strand of spaghetti. Eyeshades shielded frail eyes from the warming lights and a C-Pap machine, held in place by a stocking cap, whirred air in and out of his yet-to-function-on-their-own lungs. Hauntingly coffin-like, an acrylic capsule held this little life and its supporting machinery, yet capturing life rather than catapulting it toward death. A

Brave Enough to Exhale

For so many years of my life, "rest" was just a four-letter-word. One that beckoned me into the "bad" of inactivity. Nicole Unice, deep-thinker and everyday-woman, rearranges my thinking. Take a moment to read and consider? I dare you to ... exhale. Elisa Brave Enough to Exhale By Nicole Unice "In six days God made heaven and earth, and on the seventh day God rested, and was refreshed." Exodus 31:17 Rest does not come naturally to me. Sleep, yes, I know how to sleep, to fall in bed exhausted, my head thick with the business and busyness of the day. But that is not rest. Yes, I know that rest is good for me and for all of us. Honoring the Sabbath is the fourth commandment (Exodus 20:8). "Sabb

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