How Was Your Christmas? Honestly ...

Christmas is supposed to be one of those lovely seasons - right? Except when it's not. Except when it's broken. Here we are, just a few short days after Christmas. And the anticipation of the season may have fallen far short of your expectations. A cancer diagnosis. A child who's far away from home. A runaway spouse. Unemployment. Loneliness. Ugh ... broken Christmas. When life breaks all around us at Christmas we wonder what we've done wrong, and just where God is in this season. He's where he's always been, at Christmas: Emmanuel - God with us. Sure, you read the Christmas story, and probably heard some songs and sermons about the miracle of Christmas. You screwed your faith in place. But

Apples for Christmas

What's the best Christmas present you ever received? A shiny bike? Your first cellphone? An engagement ring? Most of us can name something rather quickly. But think, what's the best Christmas present you've ever given? And why was it so special? Read on as Linda shares her "She Did What She Could" Christmas Story. Elisa Apples for Christmas: A She Did What She Could Story By Linda When I finished Elisa Morgan's book, She Did What She Could, I was reminded of a simple act from many years ago. I am grateful that God taught me the joy of simple caring, and listening to his prompting. Every year during Christmas time I am reminded of one of the most special Christmas presents I ever gave. I was

Why Black is So Beautiful

I first "met" Patricia Raybon through her book, My First White Friend. Now I know Patricia as one of my dear black friends. And without a doubt, she is a beauty full black friend. Read on and find out just why this is so very true. Elisa Why Black is So Beautiful By Patricia Raybon We marched out of the student union, shouting in the frigid winter air, yelling for our natural lives. "SAY IT LOUD!" Then the punch line: "I'M BLACK AND I'M PROUD!" This was the Sixties, and the era and the ethos of my Big 10 Campus dared transform me from a quiet Colorado girl to a defiant college protestor. I'd watched my parents march outside of discriminating department stores in downtown Denver. We'd endured

The Beauty of a Reclaimed Life

Ever wonder if God can "reclaim" your life for his purposes? Your messy, broken, needy jumble of days? Sweet friend, Michele Cushatt, reveals that God does, indeed, do just that. Read on and be held in his care. Elisa The Beauty of a Reclaimed Life By Michele Cushatt I stood next to my husband as we stared at the flooring samples spread across the floor. Like a deer paralyzed by oncoming traffic, we couldn't make a move. Which one to choose? This one? Or that one? Have mercy. Somebody save me. For the record, I wouldn't recommend a remodeling project during the months of November and December. Apparently we crave chaos, because that's precisely how Troy and I are spending this 2015 holiday s

Is She for Real?

One morning I pulled back the covers, shook the previous night's melatonin from my mind, and padded toward coffee. I headed to my daughter's house, where I had promised to cover for several hours during Thanksgiving break. I had planned to take my ten-year-old grandson and his friend to Red Robin to get them out of the house for at least part of their day. We piled in the car and drove the distance. As we walked to the entrance, the wind bit my body, and I zipped my magenta parka vest closed over my sweatshirt. I pulled my swirling hair from my eyes. Once through the heavy doors, we were greeted by a beaming hostess, who welcomed us with menus. Such enthusiasm! What was she, fifteen? I hitch

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