Yours Truly

The work of being "you" can get unnecessarily complicated. My friend, Adele Calhoun, is spot-on when she encourages us to be free from others' expectations and discover the "you" that God created. Read her thoughts ... Elisa Yours Truly By Adele Calhoun Ever find it confusing to be you? Culture constantly messages "Be a rock star." "Make a difference." "Live your passion." "Be all you can be." Be a young, stunning, fit, accomplished, socially conscious, bilingual, who runs marathons and out-cooks Rachel Ray. This cultural story line of the "successful over-optioned" woman can make it hard to embrace our own story line and own our "true you." When we stop the auto-pilot self doubt floods in w

Listen Bigger

Do you know - really know - what God is asking of you NOW? Really Blog Manager Carla Foote wrestled to discern God's leading, and discovered how to listen in a new way to God by listening BIGGER. Read on ... Elisa Listen Bigger By Carla Foote My plan for 2016 included a trip to India - leaving next week. I was going to teach at a conference for Christian magazine editors. I took part in a similar conference several years ago and was asked to return for a week-long training. I divvied up topics with the other 2 trainers, enlisted a prayer team, and started on the logistics, which included getting a tourist visa from the Indian consulate. My first request for a visa was denied. No reason given

When the Song is Gone

What do you do when the usual ways you hear from God go silent? My friend, Donna Fagerstrom, shares a poignant and personal story of how she coped with God's surprising rearrangement of his presence in her days. Elisa When the Song is Gone By Donna Fagerstrom My mom believed I had musical potential. By age ten, she began sending me to a voice coach. While I don't remember everything from my coach, I will never forget the wise words, "Donna, whatever you sing, make sure the lyrics are true in your own life." That was quite a lesson for a preadolescent. Yet, I learned it well. I remember as if it was yesterday singing my first solo in the sanctuary of our 400 seat church. Scared to death, I s

Learning to Like January

One year ago we began the adventure of this blog, "Really." Thanks for journeying with us in 2015 and now into 2016! We are repeating our popular January blog from last year. Who do you know who needs the encouragement of this weekly input? Share this webpage and suggest that they subscribe to Really themselves. Learning to Like January By Elisa Morgan "Sometimes you have to poke holes in the dark before it bleeds light." Margaret Feinberg, Fight Back With Joy I don't like January. Oh, I like the "new" part of January where everything is bright and shiny and fresh. But I don't like the dark part. January is close to the darkest month of the year. The sun has slid south and left us with the s

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