Friendship What Ifs

When it comes to making new friends, what holds you back? Follow along as Jessica Fick goes first by sharing her friendship fears. Elisa Friendship What Ifs By Jessica Leep Fick I recently moved to a new city and I am plagued by doubts in building new relationships: What if I reach out and she doesn't respond? What if I share something vulnerable and I'm judged? What if we hang out and it's really awkward? What if I show up to an event and feel out of place? ​Building relationships takes initiative, time and energy. Do you know many women who have an excess of those commodities? Yeah, me neither. But I'm finding that even if I'm willing to put in a little effort just to show up, God blesses

Sorry Not Sorry

Have you ever stopped to keep track of how many times the word “sorry” seeps into your vocabulary - and why? Follow along with Sarah Lochelt as she digs through our tendency to over-apologize. Elisa #SorryNotSorry By Sarah Rose Lochelt In my workplace I often observe female colleagues enter rooms with a soft knock and a quiet inquiry, “Sorry, do you have a minute?” I am reminded of how strange this sounds when our male Vice President comes around, and his kind but confident demeanor seems abrasive in comparison. What would our office environment be like if we as women didn’t feel the need to apologize for our presence? I also observe this behavior in the classroom. As women we preface our co

Sing Loudly

Ever struggle with being “too much” in certain settings? Too powerful? Too bold? Too loud? My friend Erin Reynolds reflects on this topic, and shares lessons from her "loudness." Elisa Sing Loudly By Erin Reynolds, PhD ”For the beauty of the earth, For the beauty of the skies ....” As I sang out loudly, I felt filled with an angelic spirit and my solo wafted to the back of the sanctuary. I impressed myself with a sense of awe for how the tune seemed to be capturing everyone’s spirit. I felt even my sisters were called to a keen sense of wonder. I wished the solo could have continued longer, but it was time for my sisters to join in harmony. It was only then that I saw one sister tapping the

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