The Battle We Must Fight

Courageous Carolyn Custis James challenges me no matter what her topic. In her words today, she tackles the topic of fear. Elisa The Battle We Must Fight By Carolyn Custis James In the early hours of June 12, 2016, an angry, armed, self-radicalized ISIS sympathizer entered an LGBT nightclub in Orlando and opened fire. Before his shooting rampage ended forty-nine innocent people were dead. Fifty-three were fighting for their lives. Ever since 9/11 we live with a subliminal fear of terrorism. That fear breaks out into the open with renewed intensity when there is another mass shooting. As I write, the nation is in mourning as we try to fathom the shooter's motive and the avalanche of grief tha

3 Simple Steps to Getting Your Life Unstuck!

In my opinion, getting "stuck" is one of the most un-fun parts of life. I sit and wait while life moves around me. Ugh! Read on as Pat Layton offers practical help for your stuck moments. Elisa 3 Simple Steps to Getting Your Life Unstuck! By Pat Layton If I want to make my youngest grandkids laugh until sweet tea spews from their noses, I remind them of the time we went tubing in the North Georgia Mountains. They love reliving the day we all piled into their mamma's SUV and trekked over to the rafting hut. We put on our life jackets and piled into four large black tubes the size of Mini Coopers and divided three kids amongst four adults. The water was high and flowing pretty gently. We were

Just Ignore the Weeds

One of the many things I admire about Carla Foote, our blog manager here at Really, is her courage to "dig." Both in the gardens around her house where she grows pretty things. But also in the soil of her life where God is growing her character. Pull out your own garden trowel and read on ... Elisa Just Ignore the Weeds By Carla Foote I like to focus on the positive in my garden, especially this time of year when there are so many amazing perennials in bloom. The candytuft, basket of gold and lilacs have faded, but bright orange poppies and a mixed palate of iris grace my yard right now. A few roses have started opening and the peonies are budded and bobbing their heads in the breeze. Along

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