If You Are Depressed

Though there have been many dark days and nights in my life, I have not experienced the kind of depression Gillian Marchenko knows too well. Yet I read Still Life, Gillian's memoir, straight through in one setting because she so rawly expresses a pain all too familiar in so many men and women whom I dearly love. Read on and find hope ... Elisa If You Are Depressed By Gillian Marchenko If you are depressed ... You are not alone. You are not a terrible Christian. You are not making it up. I'm a former missionary, a current pastor's wife, a mom, and I have major depressive disorder. God grabbed a hold of my heart when I was fifteen years old and led me into a life of attempts to serve and glori

A Door Ajar

A Door Ajar By Elisa Morgan There it stands: a door ajar. It's open, but not. It's closed, but not. I push to open it, testing the invitation to enter. What is on the other side? What ideas and relationships? What discoveries and belongingness? What new directions that might lead to new contributions? Yet, when I push on it, rather than swing widely open, it still stands ajar. I tug to close it. If it won't open, maybe I should shut it, removing the apparent opportunity from my gaze. That would be easier. I could focus just here and now rather than wondering what might lie beyond the gap between open and shut. Yet, when I pull it to close, it still stands ajar. My efforts make no difference.

Cheering the Pioneers

As girls, we are shaped by the women in our lives who model strength before us. Have you stopped to consider which women shaped you, and how? Have you ever thanked them for their influence? Read on as Valerie Gin and Jo Kadlecek help us remember.Elisa Cheering the Pioneers By Valerie j. Gin and Jo Kadlecek "The memory of a strong woman is a sanctuary . . ." From the novel, When Girls Became Lions Do you remember the strong women from your childhood? They were teachers and relatives, neighbors and camp counselors, and their encouragement provided the safety to risk. They not only cheered us on, they showed us how to play and think and grow. As two girls growing up only with brothers (Val in

When Wonder Finds You

Sometimes I wonder...where my wonder went. Do you? Do you ever kinda just see the true, spiritual "you" slip out of sight? Nicole Unice helps us rediscover the wonder of the real me and you. Elisa When Wonder Finds You By Nicole Unice This story takes place in an unlikely place (a golf course) at an unlikely time (mid-morning on a Monday). It was early spring, and a neighbor had just tipped me off that the course is closed on Monday, and the grounds crew looks the other way if you decide to run on those beautiful cart paths, and so run I did. It was cold and bare, the sky was a wet gray, and it was beautiful. Nature and silence together make my soul reset. I ran to the back of the course and

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