Surround Sound

Surround Sound By Elisa Morgan It was a normal Saturday evening at church. We stood and sang and sat and listened and stood to sing again. We turned to greet one another and then we sat once again for announcements, the offering and a video testimony. Like I said, normal. My pastor took the stage, his Bible, softened by years of use, curled in his hand as he began to talk about the passage for the week. I leaned back in the pew, my back pressing against the upholstery, my legs crossed before me, my Bible open on my lap. Wait - something was different. My pastor's voice rose and fell, sped and slowed, rippled with laughter here and there. What was it I was sensing? An echo? No, a reverberatio


Are you working too hard - not because your work is needed but because you can't seem to stop? I get this issue ... Read on as friend Donna Fagerstrom woos us to come apart to rest. Elisa Weary! By Donna Fagerstrom My early memories around the age of 8 were of enormous responsibilities. My parents both worked very difficult jobs; Mom worked days and Dad worked nights as they struggled to provide for our family. By the time they would arrive home, they were totally exhausted. The only strength they had left was to eat a meal, get cleaned up for bed and prepare to face the next day of work. Obviously, long working hours by my parents meant that my sister and I did many of the household chores.

Could God Really Use Me in My Brokenness?

I have a long list of bad choices - and I'm pretty sure you could name a few as well. How do we disqualify ourselves from meaningful service because of such choices? Read on as Emily Foreman shares God's surprising response of redemption in her days. Elisa Could God Really Use Me in My Brokenness? By Emily Foreman I grew up a preacher's daughter in a small town in the south where no act, good or bad, went unnoticed. I was a well-behaved child who aimed to please. I loved God, memorized verses, and tried to bring all of my lost friends to church to learn about Jesus. In my early teens I learned about missions and felt God call me to a life of service overseas. I was on track until my tumultuo

Fresh Air

I often get an itchy “stuck” feeling while working and usually admonish myself, Stay FOCUSED, Elisa!” Most of the time, it doesn’t really work. Really Blog Manager, Carla Foote, cracks the door open on what we all “really” need in such moments. Elisa Fresh Air By Carla Foote I stared at my computer screen, trying to think of another approach that might work for an article that wasn't coming together. The deadline was pressing in and I needed to figure out my voice and find my angle. I faced a choice—double down and stare longer at the screen, hoping to type words that made sense—or hit pause and take a brisk walk. Most of the time, when I pick "walk," I return to my desk with the inspiration

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