The Bridge

The Bridge By Elisa Morgan Distant. Remote. Far away. Abandoned. Alone. There are times when I feel far away from God. A chasm of distance yawns between me and my Maker. I've heard the saying, "If you feel far away from God, guess who moved?" I know, likely it's me, not him. But in such moments when his face seems turned away and only his back is visible, when not even his back is in focus but rather just fading footprints that indicate he was here but now has vanished, when his voice is but a distant echo, when not even a whisper lingers, I struggle to move. I stand, paralyzed, all too aware of my aloneness on this planet. He seems so very "other," which of course, he is. But he has also be

Craving to Connect

My friend, Christie Love, speaks straight to me today as she challenges me to be more intentional about making room in my life to not just BE with others, but to truly connect as well. I need connection. You need connection. Read on... Elisa Craving to Connect By Christie Love Even when I'm with others, I feel alone sometimes. I look around and realize that I have invested time in activities (even good ones, for ministry) but not necessarily relationships. And I hear from other women share this feeling as well. Mothers who invest more time into building friendships for their children than themselves. Business women who channel their energy into networking rather than making deep connections.

Time Traveler

Our past can influence our present and future in unexpected ways. Join Robyn Dykstra as she "time travels" through her personal discoveries on this topic. Elisa Time Traveler By Robyn Dykstra I came face-to-face with my past this morning. In an effort to purge items in my closet that didn't fit my style anymore, or to be perfectly honest, didn't fit my mature, more generously padded frame anymore, I stumbled across two of my deceased husband's favorite shirts. I stopped cold. For years and years these shirts lay folded, waiting to be put in rotation again. Even more than a photograph or nostalgic song on the radio, the sight and feel of them took me right back to a time when we were young an

Showing Up

We care. We really do. We care about flood victims and refugees and tragedies around our globe that leave people homeless and vulnerable. But what can we do? What matters most? Christine Beebe shares her thoughts and offers a nudge to action. Elisa Showing Up By Christine Beebe Dressed in long pants, boots and an orange t-shirt, I suddenly realized I was drenched. As I breathed behind an N95 dust mask, my glasses kept fogging up, distorting the world around me. My hair hung soggily in my face, and I kept trying to push it back without using my gloved hands. I imagined I must look a bit like a drowned rat as the sweltering heat and humidity took its toll. Everything was wet - and then it star

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