Focus Pocus

For years, Mary Byers served as our editor on our digital magazine effort called FullFill. She brings sharp focus to everyday needs. Read on as she challenges us all to find some "Focus Pocus" time to make the most of the lives we're living. Elisa Focus Pocus By Mary Byers Imagine this: a morning of solitude. No interruptions. Time to think, reassess, plan, ponder, pray and prepare. Despite the busyness of life, I've set aside a morning each December for the past decade to look back - and ahead - and to prepare a one-page strategic plan. The practice has transformed my life. I've often wondered why. This year, I figured it out. It's the power of the pause: a luxury we may crave but feel we c

Bridle Bouquet

Bridle Bouquet By Elisa Morgan My dogs whined and paced at the back deck door, alerting me that someone - or something - was approaching outside. Peering through the sliding glass and over the deck rail, I watched a horse and rider draw near the split rail fence bordering our yard. She dismounted and bent to pick something up, a smile tweaking her lips. I strained to see. What had she discovered just beyond my yard? Rising with her "find," she remounted and then leaned over her horse's head to affix a battered and drooping blossom to the bridle. I recognized it as the very fading one I'd cut from its thorny bramble and discarded over the fence just hours before. This wandering horse rider fa

Power Seeds

Oh how we struggle to imagine we can make a difference in our world! Little you. Little me. Not enough of either of us. But what if we invest what's right in our pocket? Read on as my friend, Debbie Johnson, challenges us to sow a pocketful of seeds and create a powerful result. Elisa Power Seeds By Debbie Johnson It was a Saturday. I had stopped by my favorite coffee shop for that perfect cappuccino, but wouldn't you know it, I sat down in the middle of a hornet's nest! A couple was arguing nearby. The guy at the next table was spewing out some pretty foul words. An older man was staring out the window, through tears. So I gave up the peaceful cappuccino dream, took in the scene ... and had

God Gets His Way

In the United States, today is Election Day. No doubt, each of us will complete our ballot with trepidation this year. Thanks to friend Cheryl Lee Davis for lifting our eyes to the heavens to see that our help comes from the Lord. He is sovereign over all our world, holding us all in his hands. Even today. Elisa God Gets His Way By Cheryl Lee Davis While working for a large financial institution, I got to know some amazing leaders who coached me and helped me grow as a leader. But there was one woman who, for whatever reason, didn't seem to like me. Because she was in authority over me, she tried to use her influence to affect me negatively. When I received a promotion, she tried to get it r

The Power of Play

What role does "play" play in your life? Leah Robin causes me to pause and consider whether or not I embrace the power of play. Read on ... Elisa The Power of Play By Leah Robin I was huffing my way uphill on an after-work run, my head spinning with deadlines and to-do's from the previous work hours, the beauty of the grassy green and little stream going completely unnoticed. Stop it, you're doing it again, I scolded myself, at the realization I was furrowing my brow, creating that un-erasable line on my forehead. Just like my mother's. Oops. I found that as long as I kept rehearsing my to-do list in my head, my face remained stuck in that squinty-eyed scowl. The only way to smooth my face w

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