Christmas Isn't Over

Christmas Isn't Over By Elisa Morgan Is your tree still up? Your lights still a twinkling? The carols still a playing? This is the week we box Christmas up and drag it to the basement or hoist it up the attic stairs or shove it away into the storeroom. Out of sight. There to sit in the dark until the next advent advents. Or perhaps you wait until Epiphany, the traditional date to celebrate the arrival of the Magi, then box it all up for another year. But Christmas isn't over this week. It won't be over next week and it won't be over even in July. Christmas continues as long as we allow Christmas to change us and through us, to change our world. The very first Christmas changed everything. Ch

Christmas Changes Everything

Christmas Changes Everything By Elisa Morgan When did Christmas become Christmas to you? When did it become more than Santa and stockings and presents? When did it morph into more than choirs and candles and carolers? When did Christmas become more than family? When Christmas becomes Christmas, it changes everything! Consider several main characters in the Christmas story ... Christmas made Mary the mother of our Savior. She was just a young devout Jewess who was betrothed but still a virgin, when the invitation from God through Gabriel changed her present and future. Mary responded to that invitation with a yes, with trust, with agreement and submission. The identity of Christmas birthing i

Heritage: National or Spiritual?

What is your heritage? Swedish ... Hispanic ... African ... Dutch? How does your earthly heritage shape your spiritual life? Read on as Erin Reynolds layers our thinking on this topic. Elisa Heritage: National or Spiritual? By Erin Reynolds, PhD. I am Dutch and as I say that, there is a certain amount of pride that goes with the statement. To me it means that I am thrifty, inventive, resourceful, resilient, and stubborn (In a good way ... I don't give up). There is a reason the practice of splitting the bill is referred to as "going Dutch." They built an eighth of their country on previously submerged land. They turned wind into power before it was environmentally the right thing to do. They

Developing a Bigger Imagination about Haiti

Reading about a hurricane-torn country might not exactly seem "Christmasy" to you. But is it? Read on as Jennifer Grant nudges the doors of our hearts open in this season of serving. Elisa Developing a Bigger Imagination about Haiti By Jennifer Grant Before I visited Haiti in September, my imagination about this country was constricted. After a lifetime of seeing grim headlines and news stories, I'd become desensitized to the volume of unmet need and the suffering of the Haitian people. The numbers are overwhelming: 230,000 people lost their lives after the earthquake. 100,000 children under five years old suffer from malnutrition. Fewer than 50 percent of households have access to safe wate

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