Power of Peers

In moments when we feel we're doing life alone, maybe we are. Have you ever considered how you might benefit from mentoring a peer and being mentored yourself by a peer? Read on as Natasha Sistrunk Robinson challenges us to a new kind of community. Elisa Power of Peers By Natasha Sistrunk Robinson When I was an athlete in high school, it was my peers who provided the motivation and encouragement to be Number #1. It was my peers who had friendly competitions to become the academically best in class, and to represent our families, communities, and school well. During my college years of receiving physical, military, and leadership training at the United States Naval Academy, it was my peers -

Friendship Soup

Friendship Soup By Elisa Morgan It was a Monday I think. An appointment made on the calendar one month prior. A monthly meeting. Because it was our December meeting, the idea of celebrating specially took hold and I decided to forgo our usual coffee shop spot and invite my new friend to my house to cook lunch for her. As if to punctuate the season with nature's tinsel, snow fell that morning. Soup seemed in order so I opened my favorite Costco brand Tomato Basil and filled a saucepan. A simple salad would complete the meal. I set the table, lit a candle and turned to take in the surroundings. Lovely! The doorbell rang, my friend entered and we took our places at the table. At the last minute

What's Even Better than a Bucket List

Just a few weeks ago I was able to connect with the remarkable Ann Voskamp to record ten programs for Discover the Word on her book The Broken Way. (See link to listen in at the bottom of the blog.) As always, she impacted me deeply. And then - oh! - this precious friend agreed to share her written words with my dear Really friends! Read on and consider what it might look like for you to live "given." Elisa What's Even Better than a Bucket List By Ann Voskamp Cruciform self-giving is the distinctive dimension of holiness. Michael Gorman I'd been dangerously anemic for weeks, feeling like I was a wet sheet of paper and the story was falling apart right in the middle, right where things were s

Be Your Best Self, Even Under Pressure

It's easy to get overwhelmed in life - especially just after the holidays when life returns to seemingly less holy moments around us. Cheri Gregory offers practical and pivotal help in today's read. Read to the end for information on a book giveaway! Elisa Be Your Best Self, Even Under Pressure By Cheri Gregory I wish I were better under pressure. Oh, to be the kind of woman who keeps her act together as things around her fall apart! But I'm not. My natural reaction is to crumble in a crisis. Two decades ago, during a 6.7 magnitude earthquake, I stumbled down two flights of stairs and started out the front door before remembering: My children. Meanwhile, my level-headed husband had made a be

Rise Up! Really?

The song, "Rise Up," by Andra Day ripples through my mind as I share these powerful words from friend Jo Saxton about courage. Read on as Jo challenges our understanding of just where we can find courage in our days. Elisa Rise Up! Really? By Jo Saxton Sometimes courage comes from unexpected sources. God's people suffered twenty years of oppression under Jabin, a Canaanite king and his powerful army. The ongoing brutality decimated their communities. The Israelites even abandoned their own roads for their safety (Judges 5:6). Despair, pain and fear were their daily reality. Their future was stolen, their hopes and their spirits crushed. The Israelites cried out to God for mercy. For help. Co

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