Swimming Partners

How can sorrow and joy co-exist? In our circumstances? In our souls? Read on as my friend, Leah Robin, leads us to honor both emotions in our beings. Elisa Swimming Partners By Leah Robin I had a hunch. We had gone to look at rings together. My December calendar was booked with mystery date invites: nights at the symphony, fancy dinners at restaurants on my bucket list, weekend skiing. I was constantly spying on him in cahoots with my friends - secretly whispering and plotting. I was over the moon ecstatic. Thirty years a single woman, with a fair share of heartbreak and long laments to the Lord asking "when?" had finally plopped me here: finding the man I was meant to marry. And the bonus j

Wooed by Glory

We all struggle with identity - who we are, why we are, and what we have to offer. About the time we start to feel good about ourselves, something happens to remind us of how much we lack. Problem is, in this place of desperation, we turn to all the wrong things to find our fill. My friend Michele Cushatt knows a thing or two about the long hard struggle to find significance. After a life-threatening illness that permanently changed both her appearance and abilities, she didn't know who she was anymore. But God wasn't done. As she struggled to make peace with her outside, God helped her make peace who she was on the inside, giving her a security that wasn't the least bit dependent on her at

How Disappointment Can Lead Us to Love

Happy Valentine's Day! This day is either a favorite of yours, or the most dreaded day of the year... Depends, doesn't it? This year, on this day, we're celebrating long-love with a focus on "old marriage." Read on as Dorothy Greco shares a vital lesson for lasting love. And by the way, I love YOU, dear one. And God loves you deeply, passionately and no-matter-what. Elisa How Disappointment Can Lead Us to Love By Dorothy Greco Months before my tenth anniversary, I began to daydream about our upcoming celebratory getaway. My husband and I would eat dinners by candlelight, give each other extravagant presents, walk along the beach, and of course make love each night. As Christopher has learned

A Tuesday Morning Lament

"Lament is a cry of belief in a good God, a God who has His ear to our hearts, a God who transfigures the ugly into beauty." Ann Voskamp, One Thousand Gifts I awake, throw on my sweatshirt and potty the dogs. After taking time with my diabetic one, I turn on the TV, pop a pod in the Keurig and turn on the news. I empty the dishwasher while the announcers empty my heart with the headlines. - More protests over the president's immigration stance. - Rumblings from leaders around the world. - An eight-year-old girl and a Navy Seal killed in a U.S. raid in Yemen. - There are fires in Colorado. In February. Whatever one's stance on this kaleidoscope of human issues, my heart empties that we are ev

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