Shame-Less By Elisa Morgan Many of us - most of us? - are well-acquainted with shame. We wear shame as our second skin. It's the go-to-garment in our closets, hanging happily alongside both our fat sweatpants and our skinny jeans, perma-pressed and ready to wear. In church services, we go forward to freedom and shed the scales of our sin only to watch them involuntarily reappear like a mutant identity when we shut our car doors for the drive home. Shame is epidemic! It's well-documented that women uniquely struggle under the shadow of shame, both real and imagined. Victims of abuse - sexual, domestic and other versions - struggle with shame. Post-abortion studies reveal high levels of shame.

The Faith of a Crocus Bulb

Have you been waiting - and waiting - and waiting for spring? For answers to long-offered prayers? For hope to burst forth in bloom? Our Really Blog Manager, Carla Foote, shares her perspective on the small offering of our faith in the wait - that God makes big enough for the moment. Elisa The Faith of a Crocus Bulb By Carla Foote Spring starts small - at least in many places - like here, in Colorado. The progression of spring bulbs goes from small to large - crocus and snowdrop to dwarf iris, daffodils, then tulips. From small splashes of brave color in the midst of the brown of winter to large displays of beauty. Crocus bulbs are small. In a little brown nub there is the potential for life

The Most Important Question

Have you ever been afraid to ask a question because you might look "stupid"? Laura Flanders leads us forward to courageous asking. Elisa The Most Important Question By Laura Flanders Transformative learning involves the courage to embrace the "feeling of stupidity." How many of us fear to look stupid when asked a question or when asking a question? We love to be correct, and when are not we can experience shame. We feel exposed when we allow others to see not only what needs to be learned, but also unlearned. I regularly see seminary students walking through this process of unlearning as I oversee the mentoring curriculum at Denver Seminary. Courage in the face of vulnerability is essential

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