When Fear Hits My Heart

Kelly Balarie describes a scene just about all of us have lived through. Read on and discover that healing for your rejected soul is indeed possible - as well as access a resource that God might use for just such an outcome. Elisa When Fear Hits My Heart By Kelly Balarie Has your heart ever been broken by a woman? Mine has. I remember standing on a softball field so many years ago - new at an all-girls school where their bonds from middle school already seemed tightly formed. Could I make my way here? I gave it my best shot. I practiced with intensity, hit every ball with power and ran so hard I felt like I might faint. Near buckling at my knees, I didn't care - every move was a silent messa

Spring Juggling Guide

Finding yourself huffing and puffing as you juggle this end-of-the-school-year season? Read on as Alexandra Kuykendall nudges us to love our "actual lives!" Elisa Spring Juggling Guide By Alexandra Kuykendall It's the spring juggling season - end of the sports season, appreciation for teachers and coaches, final dances and this particular year graduation festivities, which means my calendar is full to the max. I know there are all kinds of strategies for paring down commitments. Typically I'm as bare bones as a mother of four girls, (soccer mom of two, ballet mom of one, preschool mom of one) can be. I don't volunteer at school (besides the mandatory preschool days). As far as church respons

What's A Woman To Do?

How old are you? In body? In soul? Yeah ... the answer can sneak up and surprise us, can't it? Jennifer Grant muses over the unexpected presence of aging in our days. Elisa What's A Woman To Do? By Jennifer Grant Last month, I went on a hike at Sleeping Bear Dunes in Michigan with my friend Andrea and our husbands. When Andrea and I first met, I was 14; now I'm 49. For the math-challenged among us-I am one of you-that's 35 years. Thirty-five. How is it possible that Andrea and I have been friends for that long? But there we were, on an April afternoon, our husbands standing nearby taking pictures with their cell phones of what Good Morning America recently called "the most beautiful place in

When Life Falls Apart at the Seems

When Life Falls Apart at the Seems By Elisa Morgan Seems like I always pick the slowest checkout line. Seems like people I do favors for could be more grateful. Seems like when I sit down to write, the words could come more easily. Seems like I could catch a break and actually get good weather on a day off. Seems like my car shouldn't break down when it's not that old. Or my icemaker. Or my lawnmower. Seems like the weed barrier should work instead of allowing bindweed to strangle my pansies. Seems like my dogs could find more convenient moments to cough up hairballs on the carpet. And maybe they could cough it up on the tile, not the carpet. Seems like God could answer my prayers to heal my

Questions and More Questions for God

All of us can struggle with wanting answers to our "why's." For that matter, for our "what's," "who's," "when's" and "how's" as well! Andrea Lucado walks us through our struggles with no answers and offers us what God does give: himself. Elisa Questions and More Questions for God By Andrea Lucado This week was rife with disappointment for me. Some hopes I had were dashed. We all know this feeling, don't we? We see a glimmer of hope in a possibility, we try to not let our hopes get up but we just can't help it and before we know, we are feeling hopeful, giddy, joyful and then, something happens and ... pop, the air seeps out of our balloon, and we are left looking at our deflated hope lying a

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