Joy In-Between

What are you waiting for? And how well are you doing at waiting in your wait? Life is really one wait after another. Read on as Amanda Grace Caldwell shares her discoveries in the "meanwhile" moments. Elisa Joy In-Between By Amanda Grace Caldwell My friend and I drove down I-45 like a couple of convicts. The windows were rolled down and I could smell the salt in the air as we made it to the coast. My feet were planted firmly on the dashboard as we sang at the top of our lungs - not a care in the world. We had literally made a U-turn. I had a prior engagement; we both had a list of to-dos. But our souls craved spontaneity and so, we fled, like Johnny and June. We made it to Galveston by dusk.

The Art of Adjustment

We've all been there: in a moment when we couldn't find the right words to say so we said the wrong ones. Nicole Unice helps peel back to the whys, helping us see that what we say often comes from what we believe. Elisa The Art of Adjustment By Nicole Unice I was standing behind her at her dad's funeral, a respectful distance from her - not in her personal space, but within earshot. This is what pastors call "the ministry of presence" - being quiet but visible, being close to the grief but not in it, except for the way we are all in it, feeling the emotion and the hearts and the stories in the room. The ministry of presence is a strange ribbon of the life of the pastor. It's being present in


Friendable? By Elisa Morgan WANTED: Female Friend. Age: Less (as in age-less). Location: Present. Availability: When needed. Skills: Non-judgmental listening ears and voice given to both constructive critique and compliments. Pay: Reciprocity. On the subject of friendship, I'm very clear: I know what I want in a friend. That's easy. Harder - for me - is being friendable. Approachable. Open to the new. Willing to do the work of investing from scratch. How do I open myself to friendship in such a way that I stay safe and yet risk knowing and being known? Time for some honest self-examination. How badly do I want to be known? Honest answer: it depends. On my mood, my current circumstances, my s

Finding a Home that Lasts

I've always loved the way Eugene Peterson paraphrases John 15:4, "Make your home in me just as I do in you." It's such a powerful thought! But one I overlook when I place my feet so squarely within the tangible walls of my earthly home and all it offers. Jen Pollock Michel pulls us closer to clarity in our struggle to discover "home." Elisa Finding a Home that Lasts By Jen Pollock Michel I wake most nights to the sound of an alarm. It's not the beside clock, ringing in a new day, but my husband's glucose monitor, tolling its own kind of urgency. Two long beeps, and Ryan's blood sugar is high. Four quick beeps, and his blood sugar is going low. When the alarm sounds, I shake my husband from

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