What to Do If People Keep Telling You to Write Your Story

I often hear from readers that they've sensed a nudge to write. So I asked my dear friend, Margaret Feinberg, a writing muse for many, to create a how-to blog. Here you go! Elisa What to Do If People Keep Telling You to Write Your Story By Margaret Feinberg Have you ever had any of the following spoken over you? "You need to write that down." "People need to hear your story." "Whoa! That's too good to keep to yourself." "You have a gift." "If you don't write that book no one will." If you've heard those words echoed in your life, then perhaps you're experiencing a God nudge to write. So what should you do if people keep telling you to write ... 1. Get organized. One of the hardest aspects of

The Broken Sunflower

When things break in our lives sometimes we have no choice but to throw them away and move on. Then there are the startling moments, when they cling on to life despite the odds. How might we then join their efforts and cheer on their resilience? Read on as Really Blog Manager, Carla Foote, guides us. Elisa The Broken Sunflower: A Lesson in Resilience By Carla Foote Last week during a brief but fierce wind a volunteer sunflower plant in my backyard broke. I went out after the wind died down to survey my trees for damage and noticed the broken plant, which had been 3 feet tall, flattened. I just left it in the garden rather than dropping it into the compost, busy with a work deadline and prepa

The Present of Presence

It can be hard to know how to help when someone we care about is suffering. Vivian Mabuni points us to the present of presence. Elisa The Present of Presence By Vivian Mabuni Right below my left collarbone, where the seatbelt rests when I drive, an inch long silvery scar catches the bathroom light when I don my comfy strapless summer dress. The port placed to administer chemotherapy drugs no longer bulges under my skin. Though the scar has faded, along with many of the memories from those dark days, emails still arrive several times a month requesting advice on how to encourage someone going through a health crisis. The tricky thing with cancer and any other personal crisis is everyone's jou

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