A Glossary for Grief

A Glossary for Grief By Elisa Morgan There is no specific word in the English language to describe a parent who has lost a child. A wife without her husband is a widow. A husband without a wife is a widower. A child bereft of parents is an orphan. A parent whose child has predeceased them ... is an undefined hollow of hurt. Miscarriage. Sudden infant death. Suicide. Illness. Accident. Death steals a child from this world and then robs the remaining parents of an expressed identity. Yet God, himself, knows such devastating grief. God was Father when Jesus carried a cross and when he was nailed to its rough beams. God remained Father when Jesus cried out his last words and when he released his

Living Free

How often do we miss the freedom God provides for us when we get "stuck" in unexpected journey turns? Read on and discover how to find freedom within the journey, whatever it brings. Elisa Living Free By Leah Robin Kohlsaat We were trapped. On our return trip from our Hawaiian honeymoon, reminiscing about the serene tropical getaway quickly turned to desperate desires for home. Flying over the Pacific, we felt refreshed from our time away together, the smell of the salty ocean and island sun still on our skin; we chatted about our excitement to begin "real life" back home as newlyweds. After the long red-eye flight from Kauai to Los Angeles, we anticipated a quick jaunt to Denver. Urrrrrrrrr

The Tribe that Built Me

Relationships can be risky. And yet life without them leaves us lonely - and less than our best. We need others to make us better versions of ourselves. Is it time for you to take the next step of risking relationship? Elisa The Tribe that Built Me By Heather Riggleman We gather once a week. We circle up, each sharing the latest news about work, life, and kids. At one point, Cindy nicknamed our group The Tribe and it stuck. If you're part of a church you may know The Tribe by a different name, such as life group or small group. At first we were strangers but as we gathered weekly, our stories become threads that weave into each other's lives. These strangers are now my people. My truth telle

When the Wait Is Worth It

The title of my first book was "I'm Tired of Waiting." I wrote it when I was nearly thirty, weary in the wait for a child through adoption. Over thirty years later, I'm still "tired of waiting," for other things though. Like friend Kelli Worrall, I've learned to embrace its surprising payoff. Read on and see ... Elisa When the Wait Is Worth It By Kelli Worrall My baby girl turned six years old last week. And as far as she was concerned, that birthday took forever to come. She talked about it for months (yes, months). She planned and re-planned the celebration. She edited her birthday present wish list. She counted down the days on the calendar. And she regularly moaned about how long it was

Beauty in Brokenness - Nozomi Project

In celebration of my first devotional published in Our Daily Bread, under the title, "Nozomi Hope," Sue of the Nozomi Project shares about how their beautiful jewelry, created from broken pottery, is offering hope and rebuilding lives in Japan. Elisa Beauty in Brokenness By Sue Plumb Takamoto There is beauty in brokenness. Our family is part of a team named Be One who moved to Ishinomaki following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. We are composed of Japanese and American Christians who desire to walk with the people of Tohoku and are committed to seeing our community transformed. The first time I came to town, I was cleaning out a park and began saving the many pieces of broken pottery left i

Who Knew?

Who Knew? By Elisa Morgan Who knew that some forty-five years ago in a high school English class, I'd pull out a spiral notebook and poise my Bic ballpoint over the even blue lines to catalogue various ponderings on paper? Who knew I'd raise my hand as a sixteen-year-old to my church's invitation to join their youth leadership, ordaining me as an elder at that tender age? Who knew I'd turn the direction of my life toward full-time ministry when as a green graduate from the University of Texas, I searched the horizons for a place to grow my "next" and settled on Denver Seminary? Who knew I'd meet the man I'd marry on a fall morning in Old Testament class? Who knew that we'd be unable to have

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