Mom Friends

Mom Friends By Elisa Morgan When I became a mom, I had no idea who I was. Oh, I had known who I was - in the months and years before becoming "Mom." But when babies were placed in my novice arms, first a tiny girl and then a wee boy, I looked into the mirror of my mornings with no idea of who I was any more and wondering what had happened to "me." And oh, my! The drama of being the "dependable" one for the tadpoles under my care! I was anything but ready. Who had put me in charge after all? I was terrified, alone and drowning in inadequacy. My first mom friend was a mommy some five years older than me and ten years beyond my experience. She deftly managed carpooling and PTO and grocery shopp

Too Much To Do and Not Enough Time

What's on your to-do list today? Hayley DiMarco helps us reconsider just what's really important for our focus in our relationships and in life. Elisa Too Much To Do and Not Enough Time By Hayley DiMarco I pride myself on doing my best. I always want to be the best at whatever I do. When I got married, of course, I wanted to be the best wife. I began reading a lot of books on the subject, and I got to work on what I considered to be my wifely responsibilities of taking care of husband and home; but soon my little-engine-that-could just couldn't anymore, and I ground to a halt. I was overwhelmed with my list of things to do, and I decided I needed my husband's help. I explained to him I was o

Praying through Doubts and Questions

It's hard to know just how to pray for all the needs in and around us, isn't it? Tragedy surrounds us! Keri Wyatt Kent offers the wisdom we need today. Elisa Praying through Doubts and Questions By Keri Wyatt Kent Wildfires are raging on the west coast; Houston is mopping up from Hurricane Harvey; and Florida, the Caribbean, and SE United States are reeling from Hurricane Irma. I'm seeing posts all over social media to pray for these situations, and while I do pray and I think prayer can actually change things, I'm skeptical. There is nothing like natural disasters to kick up your doubt. If enough people pray, can we change the path of a hurricane or extinguish a wildfire? Why did some folks

Using Your Voice to Help Destine in Haiti

I'm embarrassed to say that it took me putting my own feet on the soil in Kenya to begin to understand the great needs regarding maternal health on our globe. New friend Jenny Dyer draws our attention to the cause and offers practical steps we can take to make a difference. Elisa Using Your Voice to Help Destine in Haiti By Jenny Eaton Dyer, PhD As women, sometimes we can be consumed with the needs of all the people right before us in our homes and communities. Yet, there is a longing in each of us to be part of something bigger than ourselves. We experience empathy and concern for others, our neighbors, both near and far. Last year I met Destine Ebony, a twenty-eight-year old mother (pictur

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