Loving My Actual Christmas. No, Really.

Before you even BEGIN to think about this coming Christmas, STOP and read Alexandra Kuykendall’s words as she reminds us of what we tend to forget, and therefore how we often miss Christmas altogether. Elisa Loving My Actual Christmas. No, Really. By Alexandra Kuykendall Really?! It’s that time of year again?! Time to bring out the decorations, to look at the budget and to decide whose turn it is to host all of the chaos … I mean festivities? As the calendar page turns from October to November, there’s no denying Christmas is coming our way at full speed. Perhaps this is welcome news. You look forward to the baking, decorating, gift giving. Perhaps it is pure dread. The idea of another Chris

The Learning Teacher ... And the Teaching Learner

The Learning Teacher ... And the Teaching Learner By Elisa Morgan "Where are you headed this week?" Carla asked the question to plan scheduling needs for our blog posts. My answer surprised me a bit. "I'm going to Grand Rapids to learn how to write a devotional for Our Daily Bread Ministries and then I'm teaching the contributors on how to stay fresh in their writing." Wait. I'm going to learn. I'm going to teach. Yup. Both. And. Isn't that wonderful? Admittedly, I didn't always recognize the delight in this seemingly odd pairing. I preferred the more compartmentalized, "I'm a novice" and "I'm all-knowing." In student mode, I mistrusted my gut instincts and bowed before the authoritarian sag

Where Jesus Stays

How do you respond to the "stranger" among you? Do you see Jesus in everyone you meet, no matter their origin or where they are heading? Read on as Joanna Williams challenges our thinking. Elisa Where Jesus Stays By Joanna Williams "Turning around, Jesus saw them following and asked, "What do you want?" They said, "Rabbi" (which means "Teacher"), "where are you staying?" "Come," he replied, "and you will see." - John 1:38-39 There are so many questions the disciples could ask when they first meet Jesus. "Are you truly the Lamb of God?" "Can I follow you?" "Will you baptize us with the Holy Spirit, as John promised?" Yet the disciples ask "where are you staying?" It is a question that I grow

He Holds My Hand

Disappointment can slam shut the doorway to experiencing God's presence. Carol Kent knows this well and offers real hope from her own journey. Elisa He Holds My Hand By Carol Kent Have you ever been desperate to hear God's voice? Has daily life ever felt so demanding you weren't sure what to do next? Has your phone rung in the middle of the night with unexpected news about a loved one? Has the diagnosis from the doctor brought a sense of fear or unrest? Have you wanted an answer from God, but didn't know where to turn? I've been there. When my son was arrested for a serious crime after I'd tried to be the best mother I could be, I felt alone. Angry. Hurt. Fearful. Disappointed in God. Those

The Story I Didn't Want To Share

Story-telling can be difficult for some of us. Especially when we don't really want to tell the story because we're pretty much ashamed of the story. And it's our story. Tricia Goyer's courageous piece leads the way in telling our hard-to-tell stories, and what our world might miss if we don't: our voice. Elisa The Story I Didn't Want To Share By Tricia Goyer During my freshman year of college I had to take a speech class. There only about fifteen people in the class, plus the professor, but as I walked to the front of the room for my first talk about spotted owls I'm not sure which trembled more, my knees or my voice. I was happy to pass the class and earn my credits, and as I looked at my

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