Trusting God When Tragedy Interrupts Tradition

The "unexpected" can warp our Christmas preparations in surprising ways. As we turn the corner from Thanksgiving into Christmas, Pat Layton shares a story of how she found new joy in the unexpected of her life. Elisa Trusting God When Tragedy Interrupts Tradition By Pat Layton In our family, Thanksgiving always meant gathering around my parents' dining room table. Each year we pulled up more chairs as the family grew. Thanksgiving of 2010 challenged that sense of certainty and tradition. Within hours after that Thanksgiving dinner, my sister called me with the tragic news that our dad had suffered a fatal heart attack. The weeks that followed my dad's passing were like a thick fog, a viscous

From Tokenism to Mission

Look around. Do you see a woman who can lead? Look in the mirror. Another one? Read on as Tara Beth Leach calls each and every one of us forward into God's mission. Elisa From Tokenism to Mission By Tara Beth Leach When I was a teenager, I had an arch rival; let's call her Sara. Sara was tall, and so was I; Sara played the cello, and so did I; Sara was a swimmer, and so was I; Sara was out-going, and so was I; Sara lived on a farm, and so did I. Sara and I competed in virtually everything, and we both wanted to be the best in everything. Reflecting back to those days, I think we both believed deep down that there could only be one of us - that is, one good cello player, one good swimmer, and

Taking Off My Ring

We are all part "who we were" and "who we are becoming" as we live out who we are today on this planet. Who are you? What has changed you today from who you were yesterday? Stephanie Morris vulnerably shares her recognition of such change in who she was, who she is and who she will be. Elisa Taking Off My Ring By Stephanie Morris Through three pregnancies and lots of weight gain and weight loss over the years, I've had my wedding ring re-sized a few times. My ring brought me great joy over 18 years of marriage. It proclaimed I belonged to someone forever; and I wore it with great honor and respect for my husband. When I first put on my wedding ring, my hand felt a bit heavy, different. A goo

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