Shattering Stereotypes

It's tempting to make sure people know who we're NOT - but wouldn't it be so much more effective to simply love others into seeing who we ARE...and Who we belong to? Read on as Jessica Leep Fick offers hands-on help in shattering stereotypes. Elisa Shattering Stereotypes By Jessica Leep Fick I don't think anyone wants to be "that Christian." Do you know the kind I'm talking about? It's the kind we see in the media: stereotypes of Soapbox Sally ranting against certain people groups or behaviors; Judgmental Jenny, who is quick to judge others but not willing to examine her own life. It's even Hipster Hailey who is #blessed on social media but doesn't seem to live her life any differently than

Jesus, I'm Tired

Bone-weary. Strength-sapped. Done. We women spend oh-so-very-much of our lives just plain TIRED. Doctor (get that: a medical doctor) Saundra Dalton-Smith speaks into our need. Elisa Jesus, I'm Tired By Saundra Dalton-Smith, M.D. There are days when everything feels like it is too much. Parenting, marriage, laundry, work, church, cooking consume my life. All requiring more of my energy than I have available. Every activity reminds me of the deep soul level fatigue overtaking me. One day the struggle took me lower than I knew possible causing me to cry out in prayer from the hidden places of my weary heart. A prayer that began, "Jesus, I'm tired." I'm tired of pushing and pushing to live a lif

Hope for the Unsatisfied

When you sense the emptiness of dissatisfaction ... do you feel somehow "wrong"? Like you're doing this life with God in a bad way? Amy Simpson fills us with a new understanding. Elisa Hope for the Unsatisfied By Amy Simpson I like my life. As I write these words, I'm sitting in my home, wearing sweatpants, doing work I love, with two loyal and loving dogs at my feet. My terrific kids will soon be home from school, and my truly wonderful husband will be home not long after. He might even make dinner. I'm a lucky gal. Yet, as much as I enjoy my life, when I'm honest with myself, I realize it's not all that I want. I wish for a pain-free life. A life without internal conflict and restlessness.

Two Bites

Two Bites By Elisa Morgan As a child, I had a love/hate relationship with spaghetti. While my mother was rather unpredictable in much of her mothering, she strictly enforced the two-bite rule in our house. The two-bite rule means you have to take two bites of everything on your plate, like it or not. Except I think the last part of the rule was a true "Paige" (that was my mother's name) add-on. Her version of the two-bite rule was "You have to eat two bites of everything on your plate and then one day maybe you'll be big enough to like it." This "Paige-ism" offered a kind of magic to an otherwise boring rule. After all, you never knew if you might be "big enough" this time to like the unlike

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