Listen to the Stones

Listen to the Stones By Elisa Morgan Do you believe that stones - everyday rocks - actually have voices? Have you ever stopped to listen? I stubbed my toe on this question while reading a familiar passage in the Bible describing the event that we've come to call "Palm Sunday." In Luke 19, Jesus makes his triumphal entry atop a donkey into Jerusalem, while the crowds wave palm branches, shout Hosannas and cheer, "Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord!" In the Pharisees' disdain of what they perceive to be his fake Messiahship, they order Jesus to tell the disciples to be quiet. Jesus replies in verse 40, "If they keep quiet, the stones will cry out." How exactly do stones cry

Will You Ever Let Wonder Woman Go?

I'd never describe myself as Wonder Woman. But maybe - I'm learning - I can be comfortable calling myself Wonderful Woman. Jo Saxton helps us see God's dream for each of us. Elisa Will You Ever Let Wonder Woman Go? By Jo Saxton No matter where the feeling of powerlessness lingers, you want to believe you can bring out the red cape and red boots and fix it yourself. It seems we all have our version of morphing ourselves into a form of imposed perfection. We dedicate ourselves to becoming twice, even three times, as good. We behave in the "right" way and do whatever it takes - as defined by some outside authority. We exhaust ourselves to earn the recognition of people or systems and find that

Talking to Jesus: A Fresh Perspective On Prayer

Imagine putting yourself straight into the heart of a Bible story, approaching Jesus in real time prayer. Jeannie Blackmer helps us know how. Elisa Talking to Jesus: A Fresh Perspective On Prayer By Jeannie Blackmer I sat on my worn green leather couch in the quiet early morning hours before anyone else in my family was awake. The tears slipped down my cheeks as I agonized over how to pray for my oldest son. As senior in high school, he was experiencing rejection from friends while he was also healing from a broken collarbone and a fractured leg from a skiing accident. He was making lifestyle choices that resulted in difficult consequences and he began disappearing into a dark world of depre

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