Learning to Love Dogs

Learning to Love Dogs By Elisa Morgan I have a regret. Most of my family and many of my friends won't be surprised when I confess. They rejoice that I've finally come over to "their side" - the "right" side. Some smirk at my enlightenment. A few of the more mature smile winsomely as I admit my transition and welcome me like Jesus welcomed the lame and leper - healed. My regret? I wish I'd learned to love dogs earlier in my life. Cuz if I had, I'd have been able to have many, many dogs rather than just one or two. I didn't figure this out until just a few years ago. It's not that I wasn't exposed to Fido Fondness. We had dogs growing up. A Lassie-like Collie named Sam who uncharacteristically


Are you comfortable with solitude? Answering for myself, I'd have to say "sometimes". Read on as Ruth Haley Barton woos us beyond comfort and into health. Elisa Solitude By Ruth Haley Barton Moses discovered what we all must discover: that solitude is the place of our own conversion. In solitude we stop believing our own press. We discover that we are not as good as we thought but we are also more than we thought. As we slowly come in contact with our own dysfunctions, we unveil our need for security and all the ways we try to use God and others to get it. We are alarmed to discover that when the shepherd is starving, he or she may start devouring the sheep! In solitude our illusions fall aw

Dealing with Crises: Enneagram Paths

Understanding others - and ourselves - is essential in relationships. Read on as Enneagram expert Suzanne Stabile guides our thinking. Elisa Dealing with Crises: Enneagram Paths By Suzanne Stabile As I was entering the grocery store, I noticed a voicemail from my friend Carolyn. "Hi, I was hoping to catch you. I'll just try to call back later. Hope you're having a good day." Carolyn and I have been close friends for forty-eight years, but she rarely calls. She works at our ministry center, so if she calls about business and I don't answer, she leaves a detailed message. I listened to the brief voicemail again and I was sure something was wrong. Carolyn is ten years older than I am. I met her

Hope Realized

We just celebrated Easter ... have you realized the hope Jesus died to provide? Elisa Hope Realized By Carla Foote Last fall I planted new bulbs in my own garden and along the sidewalks at church. Even though I already have a variety of bulbs in my yard, I always plant a few new ones each fall. I'm running out of space in my small urban garden, but I'm glad I can extend my gardening space to church! Bulbs seems like such a miracle to me - they look like brown, lifeless blobs. In the darkness of winter, they grow hidden deep in the soil - sending down roots and pushing up shoots of new life. I used to be careful about making notes about where I planted bulbs. I am less organized now in my gar

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