Teacher? Boss? Coach? Mentor!

Do you see yourself as a mentor? Deneen Troupe-Buitrago helps us embrace what we might offer others - while growing ourselves in the process. Elisa Teacher? Boss? Coach? Mentor! By Deneen Troupe-Buitrago My first mentor was a woman I worked for in high school. I was a mother's helper for her eight-month-old son. I don't know if she realized that she was a mentor to me. As a professional woman, she was everything I dreamed of being. I remember conversations about food, books, and work. It was the first time I asked questions and gleaned information from someone I respected. Have you ever had a mentor? Maybe it was a teacher who made you feel special, your first boss out of high school or coll

House Sitting

House Sitting By Elisa Morgan I'm house sitting today. Okay. It's my house. But I'm still sitting in it and doing everyday tasks like taking care of the mail, plants and pet. And my soul. Some people might call this taking a personal day. Or a sabbatical. Or really, just everyday living. That might be. But there's still the house to sit. And I find daily tasks of house sitting oh-so-lovely and even comforting at times. Loading and unloading the dishwasher, throwing in a small load of laundry (mine is small and his is larger but together they are still so much smaller than the loads I used to do), and walking and feeding the dog. It's when such to-dos are juggled along with nine million proje

My First Padded Bra

Hello, Beauty Full You! I truly hope you enjoy this winsome blog by my friend, Leslie Leyland Fields, celebrating her new book, The Wonder Years (the years from 40 on)! For our male readers, we don't regularly address intimate apparel - but you are welcome to read on, or not! Up to you. Carla My First Padded Bra By Leslie Leyland Fields On my 50th birthday, I bought my first padded bra. It wasn't premeditated. I was traveling and ended up in a department store, slinking undercover through the lingerie section. Then - brainflash - I could repay my husband with a sexy little something for keeping the home front running during the week I was away. Usually it was the foreign import section for m

Swell Seasons: When Motherhood is like the Ocean

Mothering has a way of driving us up to the peaks of waves and then sending us spiraling underwater where we lose our breath and crash against the ocean's floor. Read on as Mandy Arioto bouys us along the journey. Oh - and Happy Mother's Day to our mom readers! Elisa Swell Seasons: When Motherhood Is Like the Ocean By Mandy Arioto There are so many things that have surprised me about being a mom. Like how crawling on the floor of a public restroom would ever be a consideration. Or how decentering having a baby can be, yet how wholly I would want to give myself to another one. Another thing that surprised me is the saturation of feeling that would flood me at unexpected times. Motherhood remi

A Repurposed Life

Ever feel like you are a "Do It Yourself Project"? Friend Tracey Solomon helps us redefine ourselves as God's project, no matter what we're facing today. Elisa A Repurposed Life By Tracey Solomon Wife, mother, leader, sister, daughter and friend. There are so many ways I identify myself. What happens if one of those changes? Who am I then? Last May, my husband of almost 28 years died. My entire life and a large part of my identity changed in an instant. I went from wife, to widow. Married to single. I'm not even sure how to introduce myself. I keep asking myself: Who am I now? What am I if I'm not a wife? Of course, I am still all the things I've always been that never change: Tracey. Daught

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