The Purge of Muchness

The Purge of Muchness By Elisa Morgan We've lived in our current home for nearly twenty years. Before that, we lived in several other places for shorter periods of time. The move from one to another, after an average of maybe five years in each, brought the need for purge frequently into our lives. Twenty years in one spot has provided an accumulation of muchness. Much hand-me-downs. Much inheritance from all four of our parents. Much memory boxes from our two now-grown children. Much outgrown items from our grandchildren. How did I get to such muchness? An episode of "Hoarders" haunts me as I imagine myself trapped under its weight and no one finding me for months. Just recently, some inter

Bringing Mental Health into the Light

Likely, each one of us has been touched by the tragedy of suicide. For those of you who have personally lost a relative or friend, I grieve with you. For those of you struggling with mental health - read on - Kay Warren shares hope today by bringing mental health into the light. Elisa Bringing Mental Health Into the Light By Kay Warren Growing up in church we didn't talk much about our problems, much less about emotional problems. If we did, it was mostly in hushed whispers, and we said things like "She had a nervous breakdown." I never knew what a nervous breakdown was, but I knew it was something I didn't want to ever happen to me or to someone I loved. And nobody - absolutely nobody - tal

Reading the "Whole Story" in the Bible

Do you know the "whole story" of the Bible? It's easy to get lost in just a verse or two and lose sight of the big picture. Dr. Sandra Glahn helps us gain perspective on how to read the Bible for more. Elisa Reading the "Whole Story" in the Bible By Dr. Sandra Glahn I was teaching an introduction to the Book of Philippians one morning at a women's Bible study. And as I did so, I provided an overview of the Bible's entire redemption story before showing where Paul's epistles to the Philippians fit. A visitor raised her hand and told me, "I have been in church all my life, and I just now realized the Bible is not just a book of unrelated quotes." It's easy to get that idea about the Bible, isn

Fear Less

In what circumstances does fear speak to you? What if you could learn to fear less? Read on as Heather Riggleman prods us ahead. Elisa Fear Less By Heather Riggleman This was my moment to push through. Feel the fear and do it anyway; I told myself with the acute awareness of more than 1,000 pounds of power, muscle, and bones beneath me. The day was designed to provide bonding with my nine-year-old daughter via horseback. I used to love to ride. Horses were my freedom as I roamed the Black Hills of South Dakota on my uncle's ranch until one accident changed everything. Deep jagged scars on my forearms glared brightly in the sun, a constant reminder of the accident. How I missed the freedom an

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