Be a Grown-Up

Isn't it just weird that when we're with our moms, we can revert to being a twelve year old? What's that about? Read on and discover more! Elisa Be a Grown-Up By Debbie Alsdorf & Joan Edwards Kay, MA, LMFT You are an adult. You can vote. You can legally marry. You can financially support yourself. But when you are with your mom, do you sometimes feel like you are twelve years old? I (Joan) often hear that type of complaint in my therapy practice. Women say, "When it comes to Mom, things annoy me that wouldn't annoy me with someone else," or "I revert to tactics I used when I was little - pouting, snarkiness, arguing," or "I feel like a child, always trying to please her and longing for her l

Battle Ready - Evaluate Your Thoughts

If you struggle with being hard on yourself - without ever really intending to be so - read on to receive practical help on how to be "battle ready" from Kelly Balarie. Elisa Battle Ready: Evaluate Your Thoughts By Kelly Balarie Ever felt that panicked feeling? It's that oh-no sense you get when you ram your car against the one behind you. Or, when you smash a heavy door right on your baby's 10-month-old toe (yes, this did happen to me). Or, when you speak what should have remained the unspeakable. Or, when your deepest fear is about to come true. Panic steals peace. You cannot have both. Which is why, about a year-and-a-half ago, I decided I needed to learn how to be Battle Ready. I was tir

Practicing the Prayer Coin

Practicing the Prayer Coin By Elisa Morgan One of my friends remembers fondly her grandmother's gift to her each and every Christmas: a lovely, large milk chocolate bar. The first year, Cindy treasured the candy, hiding it deep in a dresser drawer to save for a special time. Except that special time never came. Later, when her mother gave her a summertime chore of cleaning out her drawers, Cindy discovered the chocolate bar in a melty mess. What remained of it was being consumed by ants trailing down her dresser. Never again, she thought. The next Christmas and every one after, Cindy ate her chocolate bar, enjoying its taste as well as the love her grandmother intended. I understand Cindy's

Voice is Identity, Not a Brand

What's your "Voice"? Do you even know? Today Kathy Khang helps us listen in and find our voice - each one of us - and then to use our voice in community with each other. Elisa Voice is Identity, Not a Brand By Kathy Khang Despite what social media gurus will tell you, your voice is not part of your personal branding or there to expand your platform. You are not a brand. You and I are created in God's image, the imago Dei, which means that we can reflect and communicate God's healing and beauty into hopeless, broken, hurt, and empty spaces. Our voice is meant to be and bring good news. And because we are uniquely created, our voices are also different. We take on the influences and nuances of

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