Hello, I'm Elisa. And I'm a ___________. How do I fill in that label? How would you? Does it match how God "labels" you? Elisa Labels By Amanda Anderson Several years ago, I went through a very painful breakup with one of my closest friends, and it devastated me. I had just come through an intense time with her, trying to support her through a brutal divorce that left her and her children in financial distress. Just as we were beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel for her family, our friendship plunged into darkness. I sought help and solace in prayer from a trusted woman in my church family. As I sobbed out my story, she made a suggestion. "Have you ever considered a Codependents

Doing Hard Things

Doing the hard thing is just ... plain ... hard. My dear friend Carol Kuykendall shows us how. Elisa Doing Hard Things By Carol Kuykendall I was born with the wrong wiring for being an effective parent. I make that bold statement while looking back on raising three children who are doing just fine now as adults in the world, in spite of me. I know I'm my own worst critic, but I remember how I had to struggle in those parenting years to ignore the permission-giving advice I often heard or read: "When in doubt, use your instincts." That was not good advice for me. I'm a two on the Enneagram. A Helper. An off-the-charts feeling person on the Myers-Briggs. My natural instinct is to fix problems.

Seasonal Fruit

Seasonal Fruit By Elisa Morgan Plump orange pumpkins. Crisp apples. Long-necked squash. Zucchini out the wazoo. What's in season in your produce department? Sure, with imports from around the globe and ongoing greenhouse growing seasons, we can enjoy just about any variety of any fruit, veggie or even flower in any month of the year. But as Fall rounds into reality, certain species become available in our everyday. A few mornings ago, I read Psalm 1 yet again. It's been a favorite for years. I found myself turning to it on a day of meandering feelings. Am I making a difference? Is God using me? Do my efforts for him matter? Don't you have days where you wonder just what "fruit" is in season

Cake for Breakfast

Kay Wyma helps us live in Today rather than Yesterday or Tomorrow. Read on! Elisa Cake for Breakfast By Kay Wyma The leftover cake on the counter called my name. Not audibly, but enticingly. I went to bed last night with tasty lingerings of my daughter's delicious creation on my lips. Dare I start the day the same way? Not much was left over, but there it stood reminding me of its 6-layers of goodness, motioning me toward a small slice of yumminess to go with my coffee on a cozy rainy day - an oddity in the hot Texas summer. So - I ate. And enjoyed. The slice of cake reminded me to live Today's day! When I choose to live Today, I am still respecting Yesterday's happenings, even sorrows, but

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