When you feel like death is all around you ... life can grow right in that spot. Read on as Susie Lipps explains. Elisa Compost By Susie Lipps I've never been much of a gardener. In first grade, I was given radishes to plant in our class garden. I wasn't a huge fan of radishes, so perhaps I didn't water them enough, but they were scrawny and bitter, affirming my dislike for both radishes and gardening. Later in life, I encouraged my own kids to pick a vegetable to plant in our suburban back yard. In my rookie excitement to help my daughter have a good experience with her cherry tomatoes we sprinkled the entire contents of the packet into a small planter and watered regularly. The tangle of t

Feeling Stuck?

Are you stuck? Yup ... not the most comfortable spot, is it? My friend, Nicole Unice, pries open hope for us today. Elisa Feeling Stuck? By Nicole Unice I once watched a television show where the main character was stuck in a broken-down, crowded subway car. She looks composed on the outside, but we can also hear her inner monologue. The face says "I'm fine" while the inner monologue becomes more panicked, more desperate and more frustrated with each passing minute, culminating in her inner voice screaming "C'MON, MOVE IT!" I can relate. Somehow I've been gifted with the curse of "holding it all together when you are really falling apart." I can say the right things, go through the right mot

Showing Up for Life

From the very fabric of heartbreak, God weaves the wonder of hope - as we learn to "show up" in the lives of those around us. Read on as Natasha Sistrunk Robinson leads us along the way. Elisa Showing Up for Life By Natasha Sistrunk Robinson Five months into my pregnancy with my son, I bought some outfits from Old Navy and a cuddly teddy bear, starting to anticipate his arrival. My husband and I wanted our child to have a strong biblical name, so we named him Elijah after the prophet and after my maternal grandfather, whom we had recently lost. On the morning of Elijah's death, I rose from bed like any other day during this uneventful, healthy pregnancy. My husband and I were visiting our go

Scar Stories

Scar Stories By Elisa Morgan The butterfly flitted in and out of the panda-faced pansies. Stained-glass wings worked rhythmically as it lighted and then launched from petal to petal. To my four-year-old eyes, it was a magic being promising fairy tale dreams come true. I had to have it. I raced from our backyard, through the garage and into our kitchen, searching for help to catch my unicorn-like discovery. I pulled open the bottom drawer, grabbed a glass jar and flew back out the door into the garage and through it towards the backyard flowerbed where I'd last seen my prey. At the last second though, I missed the raised step from garage to backyard and tripped, sending myself sprawling on th

What My Anger Showed Me About My Heart

I like Tricia Goyer's writing because she's honest. Do you struggle with an angry heart? I can at times and I appreciate what Tricia shares about anger. Elisa What My Anger Showed Me About My Heart By Tricia Goyer I never thought I was an angry person until we adopted kids from the foster care system, and I had to daily deal with kids blowing up in my face time and time again. Soon it wasn't just during their "angry" moments that I found myself angry. The anger seeped into other areas. I was mad because of the chaos and the mess, too. God, John and I felt like we were doing the right thing here ... why is this so, so hard? Why am I so mad all the time? What God showed me is that the process

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