Extra Space

Extra Space By Elisa Morgan This is one of those "extra" weeks. When we've completed Thanksgiving but the calendar hasn't yet turned to December so it seems a bit early to crank up the holiday tunes and race panicked into shopping, mailing and baking. (Do you even bake anymore?) There are more days than average between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. I saw it coming on my calendar and didn't give it much thought. Until suddenly I found myself here on this Tuesday in November and discovered an odd roominess. My normal habit is to fill space when I come upon it. The couch looks too minimalist so I add a pillow. The meal needs color and in come orange slices. My week yawns appointment-les

Sexuality is a Spiritual Issue

Sex and me. Sex and you. Sex and God? We get tongue-tied on the topic, don't we? Dr. Juli Slattery helps. Elisa Sexuality is a Spiritual Issue By Dr. Juli Slattery It's a question I've learned to dread - a stranger innocently asks, "What do you do?" I usually respond with a basic, "I'm a psychologist," but then the stranger presses on. "Do you have a private practice?" Then I have to tell a more complete truth. I run a ministry that teaches about biblical sexuality. The combination of God and sexuality taps into some of our deepest fears, shame and opinions. Much of our historic Christian tradition has been to separate God and sex. We don't talk about sex in church. When we do, it's often la

Knowing More Deeply

I love my friend, and Really Blog Manager, Carla Foote, for many reasons. At the top of the list is how Carla teaches me about life as she shares her own learning. Elisa Knowing More Deeply By Carla Foote When I got through immigration and customs at the Nairobi airport, I met up with others from my group arriving from different locations, and made my way outside where people held up signs. I was happy to see a driver holding a placard for our group. After three flights, and a nine hour time difference, I settled into the car to let the driver take us to the conference center. Then I realized the driver was getting into the "wrong" side of the car. Duh. Kenya had been a British colony (which

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