Winter Sight

Winter Sight By Elisa Morgan To be honest, winter is my least favorite season. In its cut-short days, life goes dormant and my soul slips within as well. The long nights stretch out over me like a sheet tucked in too tightly and my body squirms for release. If I could, I would hibernate through winter like a bear in its den. They kind of go unconscious and just come back to life when the world does, right? I so prefer the delight of spring with its bright bulbs poking through greening grass. The sting of summer's heat. Fall's eruption of color. In winter, death hangs about my yard, over my fence into the wild and even beyond. Brown everything everywhere except when the blur of snow sugars th

Messy Seasons

We can go in and out of messy seasons. Paula Jauch offers some perspective for the process. Elisa Messy Seasons By Paula Jauch Recently I have stepped up my eye makeup game. The beige tint just ain't cutting it anymore. It's getting harder to hide the dark circles underneath my eyes even though I have tried! It has felt like this dark season has been going on for quite some time. I do have some good days and then there are those days that are not so good. I have cried out to God to fix my situation. It has caused so much anger that I have gotten physically ill. The longer I walk with Christ, the more I hope life gets easier. Have you ever found yourself in a season of life where you just fel

The Purge of Muchness

The Purge of Muchness By Elisa Morgan I'm re-running this blog because it was one of our most popular last year, and it's a good time of year to consider this topic again! We've lived in our current home for nearly twenty years. Before that, we lived in several other places for shorter periods of time. The move from one to another, after an average of maybe five years in each, brought the need for purge frequently into our lives. Twenty years in one spot has provided an accumulation of muchness. Much hand-me-downs. Much inheritance from all four of our parents. Much memory boxes from our two now-grown children. Much outgrown items from our grandchildren. How did I get to such muchness? An ep

What My Anger Showed Me About My Heart

I like Tricia Goyer's writing because she's honest. Do you struggle with an angry heart? I can at times and I appreciate what Tricia shares about anger. This was one of our top blogs in 2018, so we are sharing it again in the New Year. It's an always-applicable topic that you might want to share with a friend. Invite your friend to sign up for weekly encouragement! Elisa What My Anger Showed Me About My Heart By Tricia Goyer I never thought I was an angry person until we adopted kids from the foster care system, and I had to daily deal with kids blowing up in my face time and time again. Soon it wasn't just during their "angry" moments that I found myself angry. The anger seeped into other a

I Used To Be ...

I Used To Be ... By Elisa Morgan The plane filled quickly as passengers took their seats. Mine was an aisle seat, on the left side. I stowed my bag overhead, hulking it into place, and then collapsed obediently into my seat, shoving my purse and carry-on beneath the seat in front of me. You know the drill. But this flight was different from most. Voices buzzed about me, punctuated by giggles, boisterous laughter and general delight. More soprano than bass on this flight, we were a world of women, of moms, headed to MOMcon, the annual leadership convention for the global leaders of MOPS International. I'd been "gone" from my CEO of MOPS role for nine years but still returned annually to clap

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