Does It Count?

Does It Count? By Elisa Morgan She approached me with great hesitance and then, once she opened her mouth, her question tortoise-crawled from her lips. "So ... if you're diagnosed with cancer one month, undergo treatment the next and are pronounced cured the following month - does it count?" I squinted my eyes with concern, trying my best to interpret her question and the meaning beneath it. Cancer? Treatment? Cure? I'd just spoken to this ministry gathering on a completely different topic and I was a bit blurry about her need. Seeing my confusion, she continued, "I mean, I have friends and family who are far worse off from me. I'm not complaining. But I'm struggling - does a Stage One diagn

Sensing God's Presence When You Only Feel His Absence

Where do you go when you can't find God? When all you feel is his absence and none of his presence? Aubrey Sampson helps us today. Elisa Sensing God's Presence When You Only Feel His Absence By Aubrey Sampson Over the past few years, I've walked through a season of loss, illness, and grief. Like most women do in difficult seasons, I have fought hard to find meaning and hope here - to press on and endure, to have courage. But I'd be exaggerating if I told you I enjoyed these trials. I mean, obviously, I'd rather not be sick. Of course, I'd rather my loved ones still be alive. Absolutely, I'd rather be carefree and jolly as if every day was a day at Disneyland. I'd rather not be riding the hot

Lessons from the Loveseat

What can a loveseat teach us about life, love and forgiveness? Read on as Gretta Kennedy redecorates her home ... and her heart. Elisa Lessons from the Loveseat By Gretta Kennedy It was an accident. She never meant for it to happen ... I had been searching many months for a new couch as ours was falling apart and in need of replacing. Not wanting to spend money on a brand new furniture piece, I searched online and found a free one! In a matter of hours I had a beautiful new-ish loveseat for our living room. But after working and reworking our seating arrangements in the room, my husband and I decided to try this new piece in our bedroom instead. This change came as a surprise to our kids who

How to Have Your Deepest Cravings Satisfied by God

Dear friend Margaret Feinberg pries open our mouths and slides in a spoonful of pure delight in how we understand the Bible. Taste and see! Elisa How to Have Your Deepest Cravings Satisfied by God By Margaret Feinberg When we gather to eat, I believe God wants to feed more than our appetites, he wants to feed our souls. And so often, it's around the table that God meets our deepest hungers - to know and be known, to accept and be accepted, to understand and be understood. In Psalm 34, one of the great songwriters invites us to, "Taste and see that the Lord is good." I decided to take to this invitation literally. And embarked on a wild adventure to descend more than 400 feet into a salt mine

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