Comparing By Elisa Morgan I scroll down, down, down my Instagram feed. Bright and beautiful faces grin winsomely at me. I recognize one author after another speaker after another friend after another famous someone-or-other. All hip. All on-their-game. All trending more than me. I leave the feed and return to my page, noting no uptick in "friends." Shoot, my own grown kids haven't even "liked" the carefully-created post of my blue toenailed, flip-flopped feet on a sunny chaise with palm trees in the background. Come to think of it, that post pushed me down two likes. Geesh ... Why is "She" so popular? Why are "Her" posts pole-vaulting to sensationalism? That publisher has signed that author.

Ancient Mentors

Have you ever thought of the concept of "Ancient Mentors" and how you might learn from people who lived long before you? Read on as Natalia Kohn Rivera describes such a practice. Elisa Ancient Mentors By Natalia Kohn Rivera Throughout my journey of faith, I have had a profound desire to know this God who promises to speak to me and who desires to be in deep relationship with me. Sometimes my quest for mentors in faith has led me to relationships in the church - the community of faith. But I am also drawn to ancient mentors, the women with timeless wisdom who point the way for me. Nearly 20 years ago I began to know Jesus as the God who fights for my healing and freedom. I saw myself in the s

We Are Placemakers

How do you define your role in your community? Read on as Christine Purifoy paints a picture of placemaking. Elisa We Are Placemakers By Christie Purifoy For years, I was a woman in search of a word. I wanted a word spacious enough to hold all of the beautiful things I loved to cultivate, from conversations around the table to potted geraniums on the window sill. Homemaker? Hostess? Gardener? Artist? Not one was an exact good fit. Dear readers, I finally found the word. And when I found the word, I found, not only a name for my calling, a name that made sense of my past, present and future, but also a name for the God who reveals more of himself in every season of our walk with him. The word

Child-Like Wonder

Do you play much? Make room for wonder? If not, you may need to punch pause and rediscover childlikeness. Read on as Christine Aroney-Sine shows us how to truly embrace God's kingdom. Elisa Child-Like Wonder By Christine Aroney-Sine It's official, Seattle accumulated more February snow this year than any time since 1916. On the first snow day we all woke to a beautiful white winter wonderland, pulled out our sleds and went off to have some fun. The local park was full of families sledding, skiing, snowshoeing and walking. I came home refreshed, renewed and revived. I cannot remember the last time I took a whole day for play like this. It is sad that it takes such a rare event for many of us

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