Lots of us struggle with whether or not we're "enough." Belinda Bauman takes us to new heights on the topic. Elisa Enough? By Belinda Bauman I knew climbing Kilimanjaro would not be easy. When a group of soul sisters decided to take on the challenge of climbing Kilimanjaro as an act of solidarity with women who suffer violence, there were no guarantees. We pressed forward with the climb as a tangible way to raise awareness for a pressing issue. At different points along the trail, I was genuinely worried about each of my sisters. Take Leia, for example. Late one day, just as we were finishing an acclimatization hike and nervously preparing for our summit that would begin at midnight, she ran

That Tree!

Where do you need to give yourself the freedom to DEEElight? Read on as Robyn Dykstra shares her own post-Easter freedom. Elisa That Tree! By Robyn Dykstra I had every intention of taking down my Christmas tree before Easter, I really did, but ... it's still up ... and lit. Yup, up and lit. And, yes, I know that's weird. I'm always the last one on the block to dismantle the tree, but we had a wild winter in Michigan this year. Our snow came late, and it never quit coming. We got 2" the second week of April! Every time I thought about taking the tree down, we got a fresh snowfall and it was so pretty, I put the kettle on, cranked up the Christmas tunes and sat in the glow of those twinkling l

The Sharp Edges of the Cross

The Sharp Edges of the Cross By Elisa Morgan When we were finally seated at our corner table for two, we scanned the menu and struggled with pronunciations. Our lunch arrived and we picked up forks and speared into our helpings - hers "quenelles" (fish dumplings), mine a "safer" salad. The French café set in a Denver strip mall was charming and popular. As a result, we'd already covered our "catch up" topics before even being seated and now it was on to the deeper. She wanted to know about what I was studying, reading, learning. And so, I told her. About pain and grief, death and dying and the transformation made possible through aging. I'm not on the verge of a serious illness - I'm just pr

Slow Miles: Walking as a Spiritual Practice

It's spring! Time to get out your walking shoes to move your body - and your soul. Read on as Really Blog Manager Carla Foote shares her "step story." Elisa Slow Miles: Walking as a Spiritual Practice By Carla Foote I pulled up Google maps to see how long it would take us to get to the theater. Four hours! Whoops, I guess I was using Google maps for a walking route last time and it hadn't reverted to driving. The 12 miles only took 20 minutes in a car. The Google map reminded me of how slow walking is and how long it takes to cover any significant distance. Yet walking has become my preferred practice. I was going to say "preferred exercise" but it is so much more to me. Exercise always had

Loving Our Neighbors Well - Even When It's Hard

Lots of us don't even know our neighbors' names - much less how to love them in real life. Dear friend Alexandra Kuykendall opens up about how she's growing more "neighborly" - and how we can as well. Elisa Loving Our Neighbors Well - Even When It's Hard By Alexandra Kuykendall Lately I've been asking people, "What keeps you from loving your neighbor the way you'd like?" For some it's an easy response that spills out almost before I'm done asking the question. "His dog barks at 3:00 in the morning." "They play their music too loud." Or my recent favorite, "He drives on our lawn when he's drunk." I say this is my "favorite" because I can immediately feel empathy for WHY it would be hard to "l

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