Personal Training

Who do you know who is friend enough to challenge you in your goal-setting and keeping? Who could you help out as well? Read on as Amanda Anderson offers some great advice on eating - or not eating - donuts! Elisa Personal Training By Amanda Anderson When a video pitch from a personal trainer popped up on my Instagram feed (you know they type - the kind that promises the answer to all your specific body-type issues), I decided to give it a try. My friend Gina agreed to join me in the online program, and we promised to hold each other accountable. I immediately forgot about it. The next day, Gina texted: "Did my first workout! Feeling good, did squats and might be feeling it soon. Lmk how I c

Sabbath House

Have you ever been to a "Sabbath House"? Might you ever provide rest for others in your very own home? Read on as Beth Hornbeck shares how she learned to practice hospitality. Elisa Sabbath House By Beth Hornbeck When we were newly married, my husband and I would escape the confines of our little one-bedroom apartment to stretch our legs and imaginations by walking around our new town. We loved the mix of houses: Victorian and contemporary, bungalow and sprawling ranch style. We would dream about our future home and garden as we looked around. One day we saw a "for sale" sign on our favorite street; we hoped that it would be a small fixer-upper cottage full of potential and priced at a steal


Beloved By Elisa Morgan From my blanketed perch in a window seat of an international flight, I looked out at the cloud castles and mused over the preceding several days. Even in the quiet of my seat, a whirl of languages echoed in my ears. Spanish. English. Italian. And of course, French. My husband and I were returning from a week-long celebration of our forty-year-old marriage. We'd visited small French villages, massive cathedrals, Parisian landmarks and sacred stops along the Normandy coast where multiple nations fought for freedom. We'd dined in outdoor cafes and lovely some-starred bistros. Some nights we'd slept in tiny beds and others in generously appointed rooms. As we zoomed acros

A Daughter's Inheritance

As a daughter, what have you inherited? Lynn Cohick nudges our chins upward to consider the immeasurable inheritance we have as daughters of our great God. Elisa A Daughter's Inheritance By Lynn H. Cohick, PhD My husband and I decided that if we had a daughter, we would name her after her grandmothers. I share my middle name with my grandmother, and our middle name was her grandmother's maiden name. Our middle name is very unusual, and in grade school, my friends could never deduce it. I'd get all sorts of guesses, and eventually I'd tell them: my middle name is "Garden." Every woman can say, "I am a daughter." We are not all wives or mothers or aunts or grandmothers. But all women are daugh

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