Girls with Guts

Girls with Guts By Elisa Morgan I was up a tree. Literally. On a two-foot square platform. Hooked to a rope above my head that extended from "my" tree out MANY feet to the next closest tree that didn't look close at all. And I was supposed to walk across another rope to that next closest tree. Nuh uh. Taking part in an Outward Bound course as a support person for a friend had seemed like a great idea months previously. I'd prepped by jogging a few miles, purchasing essential equipment from the local REI and praying a bit. But now, up a tree, with the person I'd come to support gone off to work on her own issues, I listened as the ant-size counselor below me hollered up coaching tips in an ef

Exhale: From Trauma to Transformation

Trauma in an unwelcome intruder that upends our lives. Heather Riggleman offers her story to show us all how to move toward healing. Elisa Exhale: From Trauma to Transformation By Heather Riggleman My toes curled into the sand as the waves hit my calves. The icy feeling rushing over me wasn't just the cold water - it was the trauma that took place the last time we were here. And, yet we were back again determined to make new memories to replace where all our nightmares began. Last year, during a camping trip, Chris woke me in the middle of the night with ashen skin and wild eyes. Convinced it was a heart attack, I dragged my 38-year-old husband to the truck. I tucked our kids into the back s

Choosing to Have Eyes that See the Sacred

When we're the most rushed is the moment we just might be most touched by what is unfolding around us. Notice - as Beth Vogt prods. Elisa Choosing to Have Eyes that See the Sacred By Beth K. Vogt At first, it was nothing more than an interruption. My husband, Rob, and I were rushing through yet another too-busy day as we dealt with the complicated needs of his 100-year-old mother. Her health had deteriorated in recent weeks, requiring that she move to a skilled nursing facility. This kind of crisis never happens at a convenient time, does it? Rob and I'd made a trip back to her room at the assisted living facility to pick up some requested items, our internal clocks ticking as we squeezed th

Digging Through the Weeds

How "weedy" is your life? Friend Vivian Mabuni helps us take a careful look at what might need to go. Elisa Digging Through the Weeds By Vivian Mabuni Weeds take zero effort to grow. They just grow. The weeds by our mailbox grow without any fertilizer or even dirt. Weeds rob the plants of the most vital nutrients in the soil. Some of the ugliest and most relentless weeds growing in our front yard literally wrap themselves around the nice, healthy plants, threatening to choke them out. I used to think I was high on the niceness scale. According to the CliftonStrengths assessment, my top strength is positivity. I'm typically enthusiastic, fun loving, and encouraging. Then I got married. Then I

A Pledge and a Prayer

A Pledge and a Prayer By Elisa Morgan I stood erect, next to my child-sized desk and concentrated on my right hand. The alignment of my fingers, stretched straight together. The placement of my hand over my heart on the left side of my chest. Was that where my heart lay within? I felt for its comforting beat of assurance and glanced up at my teacher for feedback. Miss Barmeo stood erect as well, her brunette bouffant beehive sprayed securely in place. My mind imagined her bathroom counter cluttered with various potions and lipsticks accented with a giant can of Aqua Net - the very brand my own mother lavishly applied. Catching my wandering attention, I snapped my mind back in place and found

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