Everybody's Got Something

Everybody's Got Something By Elisa Morgan She walked ahead of me into the meeting, finishing a call and then tucking her phone into her designer bag. Adorable outfit. Long and perfectly coiffed curls. Just the right amount of polish over her being. Across the table from me, I noted that when she opened her mouth to speak, she paused just a breath before making her point - an effort that gave even more wisdom to her already brilliant contribution. And before leaving, I watched as she intentionally made eye-contact with each participant around our gathering of eight, punctuating their value with her effort. Super Spiritual Gal. I imagined her driving home in her stylin' car, slipping into her

On a Prodigal Journey: Open Your Gifts

Gifts can come in unexpected forms. Read on as Judy Douglass challenges us to unwrap and receive all of God's gifts. Elisa On a Prodigal Journey: Open Your Gifts By Judy Douglass "I have a gift for you." His voice was not audible, but it was clear. In the midst of my grieving for a miscarried baby, God assured me he had a gift for me: "I am sending you a son." As years passed and the gift didn't come, I was content with my two daughters. When we were moving from California to Florida, I felt the nudge again: "When you get to Florida, I will give you your son." And so it happened. A nine-year-old boy, removed from an addicted mother, came to us as a foster child and later adopted as our son.

Am I Enough?

We can struggle with wondering if we're "enough" - like all the time. Read on as Melissa d'Arabian shares her conclusions on this constantly-dripping topic in our minds. Elisa Am I Enough? By Melissa d'Arabian Have you ever wondered if you are enough? I do. All the time. I wonder if I am patient enough to be raising the four daughters God blessed me to raise. I wonder if I'm strong enough to endure the loss of my dear friend Mindy last week, and whether I'm wise enough to share the right words at her funeral because her husband asked me to speak. It's not just the big stuff, either. On a random Tuesday night, I wonder if the meal I've made is tasty enough to please my family's palates. Have

September's New Beginnings

My social media feed has been full of back to school pictures for several weeks - and whether we have kids in school or not - there is a unique feeling of new beginnings in September that Carol Kuykendall reminds us of in her insight on celebrating this season. Elisa September's New Beginnings By Carol Kuykendall September has a unique personality. It's filled with First Day of School experiences and launching into New Beginnings. My memories have shaped me and created a rhythm I live into every September, even now. I'm six years old, standing at the end of our driveway on my very First Day of School, waiting for the yellow school bus with my older sister. I'm wearing new shoes and carrying

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