Hamster Wheel or Potter's Wheel

Ever feel like you're stuck on a hamster wheel, making no progress? Eve Evans helps us change our perspective. Elisa Hamster Wheel or Potter's Wheel? By Eve Evans "Why am I not getting anywhere?" I sat frustrated and disappointed, feeling like I was on a hamster wheel in a business pursuit. During the Great Recession (2008) I became a realtor. I invested a lot of time, money, and energy but got zero results. I just kept spinning around the wheel until I was forced to return to a corporate job. I worked outside my chosen field for the next nine years until I burned out. After a long period of prayer, I elected to leave my corporate job, get some much-needed rest, and determine what was next.

Arriving by Leaving

Arriving by Leaving By Elisa Morgan More than forty years ago, I loaded suitcases and boxes into the trunk of my Cutlass (white with a burgundy vinyl roof) and carefully wedged houseplants (an airplane plant, a non-blooming Christmas cactus and a straggly avocado tree) in the backseat. For weeks I'd planned my drive from my hometown of Houston, Texas to attend seminary in Denver, Colorado. I'd secured a room in the home of my new friends from Young Life and felt reasonably ready for the journey. Just a few days prior, my mother had informed me that she wanted to accompany me on the drive and then fly back. In her mind, it wasn't a good idea for a twenty-two-year-old young woman to drive alon

A Life-Giving Practice

Is reading the Bible a "have-to" or a "want-to" in your life? Nicole Unice opens our eyes to the "more" it can offer. Elisa A Life-Giving Practice By Nicole Unice Growing up, church consisted of the following smattering of memories: counting the beams in the sanctuary ceiling during particularly boring sermons; earning candy by memorizing verses, and the interminable wait of me and my impatient and hungry siblings while my parents "fellowshipped" for what felt like 14 years after each service. At face value, my memories of church - and specifically the Bible - didn't feel important or relevant to my life as a child, nor as an adult. I believe that time was meaningful in God's economy, but ma

The Story We Tell Ourselves

What story are you telling yourself? Meghan Larissa Good challenges us to tell ourselves stories of health. Elisa The Story We Tell Ourselves By Meghan Larissa Good "You have a lovely voice," the older woman seated in front of me at the wedding turned to say. I smiled and patted her hand while laughing inwardly, "She must have heard that girl to the left and mistook her for me." A man sitting nearby introduced himself after the Sunday service. "What a pleasure to worship beside such a gifted singer," he said. "What a funny coincidence!" I thought. "Someone else making the same mistake so soon." A few weeks later a stranger leaned over the pew and whispered, "You sound like an angel." I glanc

Looking Back

It's easy to lose perspective on the past, thinking it was "better" than it was. Becky Leach helps reorient our gaze. Elisa Looking Back By Becky Leach "I am so frustrated! How can he not get it?" I told my husband through tears late one night. Our oldest child was in the middle of a deep and seemingly constant battle with dishonesty. He had been caught in several lies, culminating in an attempt to steal something at school. "This is NOT how we raised him!" I cried, probably a little too loudly. I was beyond myself as a mother. The thoughts of what other parents and teachers would think about me as a mom ran through my head, but more than that I was deeply concerned about my son's heart. I c

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