Soul Food - An Unexpected Taste of Kindness

We may not really recognize the power of a simple act of kindness ... until in a moment of need, we are the recipient. Read Jane Jarrell's thankful discovery. Elisa Soul Food: An Unexpected Taste of Kindness By Jane Jarrell It was a regular Wednesday monthly staff meeting at the beautiful boutique, Bradbury Lane, where I work part time. An incredible group of talented and generous women work together to help people in the community find and purchase great gifts. I love working with these women. It is like the television show Cheers, sans the bar. People come in to visit, shop, and visit some more. When walking in the staff room I noticed a table full of uniquely wrapped gift bags behind a lo

Every Square Inch

Every Square Inch By Elisa Morgan We'd already reviewed the upstairs and the main floor when I opened the door to the basement and led my new friend down to the final rooms in my home. She was there to help me remove pieces from each room in preparation for selling my home. Selling my home?! My haven for the past twenty years? The place God had provided in a season of upheaval? The house where we'd raised our family, decorated for holidays, shoveled and mowed, built blanket forts, planted flowerbeds, washed dishes and clothes and done "life" with our neighbors? Sell it? Yes. My husband and I had been praying about downsizing. Now that it was just the two of us, living in a home large enough

When You Fear You're All Alone

Do you ever feel alone? Really alone? Of course you do. Don't we all? Michele Cushatt pokes the reality of presence into our aloneness. Elisa When You Fear You're All Alone By Michele Cushatt Our time together should have been sweet. Only, it wasn't. It began as an afternoon walk with my youngest three children. This was our daily ritual, my attempt at multitasking. Over the span of 30 minutes, I'd get a dose of Vitamin D and exercise. And my little ones could expend their extraordinary energy in the great outdoors-a far better alternative to the living room. So, after slathering every inch of their exposed skin with SPF 500 sunscreen (I might exaggerate), we headed outside to savor the summ

Replace the Grumbles

Be grateful for what you do have rather than grumbling about what you don't. A good word for us all from Tricia Goyer. Elisa Replace the Grumbles By Tricia Goyer My husband John and I decided to invite our large family into a challenge: go one year without grumbling and work to be grateful instead. We picked one year because we knew it would take us that long to work on our attitudes. I quickly realized that to fix our attitudes we had to start with our hearts. And to lead my kids, I needed to start with my heart first. The hard thing is that grumbling is not only something we naturally lean toward, but our everyday surroundings reinforce this habit as well. Everywhere we look there are mess

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