May 31, 2016

God loves you. Jane Rubietta was surprised at how personally God met her need to hear him tell her just that. Read on, and maybe you'll hear him tell you as well?





Love Song

By Jane Rubietta


The days closed around me like a collapsing snow fort. I needed to either...

May 24, 2016


By Elisa Morgan


Many of us - most of us? - are well-acquainted with shame.


We wear shame as our second skin. It's the go-to-garment in our closets, hanging happily alongside both our fat sweatpants and our skinny jeans, perma-pressed and ready to wear. In chu...

May 17, 2016

When we know someone in crisis, we often hold back, uncertain just what help to offer. Will we do the "wrong" thing if we act? Marie Guthrie pushes us forward to act as the "first responders" that we really are.




Thanking my first responders

By Marie Guthrie



May 10, 2016

How is God connecting the dots in your life into what may seem an unexpected story? Read on as Rebecca Stuhlmiller offers a helpful perspective.





Connecting the Dots

By Rebecca Stuhlmiller


When I was a teenager, my best friend and I drew pictures of our dream live...

May 8, 2016


Twenty years ago, in 1996, I wrote an essay in a little book entitled Mom to Mom: Confessions of a Mother Inferior. Today it is as true as it ever was and remains my classic “mothering mantra.”


Embroidered on a pillow that once lay in my daughter’s crib are words from...

Alexandra Kuykendall is my mentor in the things that are right before me - embracing them as the gifts they are. Read on and learn to relish your actual life.




The Choice to Love My Actual Life

By Alexandra Kuykendall


The brunch was served to me in bed on a tray, b...

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