August 30, 2016

Long Live the Book Readers!

By Elisa Morgan

People who read books live longer than people who don't. It's true!

A recent study by Yale University researchers, published online in the journal Social Science and Medicine, concluded that "book readers experienced a 20 per c...

August 23, 2016

Is there something you just don't believe you can do? Something that seems WAY out of reach for you? Read on as Mary Byers shares her struggle with math, and how she was moved to continue in something she didn't think she could do.


Yes, I Can

By Mary Byers

The teache...

August 16, 2016

I love kaleidoscopes! A new picture with every turn. Melodi Leih applies the metaphor of a kaleidoscope to how God sees versus how we see. Read on and turn your view ...



By Melodi Leih

Do you remember playing with a kaleidoscope when you were l...

August 2, 2016

Want to change the world and be a hero? You might not think so at first, but as you read Bethany Winz's words below you may find, as I did, that there are many moments when we slip in to defining ourselves solely by the impact we think we have on our world.



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December 24, 2019

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