July 31, 2018

Do you need to take a You-Turn? In the very reading of Alison Cook's blog I found oh-so-much help. And direction back to ME. Read on!


Taking a You-Turn with Your Emotions

By Alison Cook, PhD

A decade ago, when I was single and working my way through graduate school,...

July 24, 2018

Prayer in marriage? Together? Yes ... dear friend Patricia Raybon shows us how.


Tending a Marriage with Prayer

By Patricia Raybon

My husband crawls to my side of the bed and kneels on the floor beside me. It's daybreak. Our daily prayer time. So I scoot out of the co...

July 17, 2018

The Prayer Coin

By Elisa Morgan

One Thursday afternoon, I headed out to Australia for a ministry trip, flying first to LA and then waiting some 5 hours during a delay. To bide the time, I chatted it up with my husband, Evan, back in Denver. He was to have accompanied me...

July 10, 2018

Why Don't We Pray About It?

By Elisa Morgan

I awake in the night and worry. Driving on errands, my mind darts between the obstacles in my day, searching for a smoother path. Knee-deep in a conversation, I reach for a handhold out from what seems like a ditch of disconnec...

July 3, 2018

Looking for a way to change up your prayer life? Try the prayer grooves suggested here by Lee Nienhuis.


Prayer Grooves

By Lee Nienhuis

There is power in the repetitive rhythm of an action. My parents live out of state, and people have always marveled at how I could d...

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