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Hello, Beauty Full


Women struggle under the onging weight of "not-enoughness." Not attractive enough. Not smart enough. Not fit enough. Not creative enough ... And therefore, not beautiful. We are broken and ashamed to be so.


In our eyes, brokenness makes us unlovable and unusable. But in Scripture, God is clear that he sees us the way we already are in Christ: deeply loved and abundantly influential. 


Hello, Beauty Full explodes the shame-based mythology of our "not-enoughness," empowering women to see ourselves as beautiful creations designed by God.

What are others saying about Hello, Beauty Full:

  • Carol Kent: "Elisa will turn your thinking upside-down on how to evaluate your worth, shake off your shame, embrace your scars and use your influence."

  • Emily T. Wierenga: "A must-have manual for every aching spirit longing to find its way home."

  • Patricia Raybon: "Full-bodied and brave, Elisa's glorious exploration of beauty punches a big hole in the Enemy's lie that you aren't enough."


For Group Study:

Use the book, Hello, Beauty Full, along with 7 teaching videos and a Discussion Guide to draw women together around this important topic.

The 7 video teachings are available online.

Download the Discussion Guide to use with the videos. 

Additional Resources:

Elisa shares why she wrote this book:

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Download the

Discussion Guide

for group study.

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