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The Beauty of Broken

The Beauty of Broken continues to connect with readers 10 years after its release!

Find beauty and hope by facing and dealing with the messiness of family life.

Broken people become broken parents who make broken families. But actually, broken is normal and exactly where God wants us.

In The Beauty of Broken, Elisa Morgan, one of today’s most respected female Christian leaders, for the first time shares her very personal story of brokenness—from her first family of origin to the second, represented by her husband and two grown children. Over the years, Elisa’s family struggled privately with issues many parents must face, including:

  • alcoholism and drug addiction

  • infertility and adoption

  • teen pregnancy and abortion

  • divorce, homosexuality, and death


Each story layers onto the next to reveal the brokenness that comes into our lives without invitation. “We’ve bought into the myth of the perfect family,” says Elisa. “Formulaic promises about the family may have originated in well-meaning intentions, but such thinking isn’t realistic. It’s not helpful. It’s not even kind.”

Find hope in the form of “broken family values." Values such as commitment, humility, relinquishment, and respect carry us to new places of understanding. Owning our brokenness shapes us into God’s best idea for us and enables us to discover the beauty in ourselves and each member of our family.

What others are saying about The Beauty of Broken:

The Beauty of Broken defies categories and breaks new ground as a raw account of a family that has been through everything—and in the process learned just how amazing grace is.”

Philip Yancey - Best-selling Author, What's So Amazing About Grace?


“At turns painful, joyful, and always powerful, Elisa’s story offers hope to all of us who know how broken we are and wonder where we fit in God’s plan.”

Liz Curtis Higgs - Best-selling author, Bad Girls of the Bible


“Elisa Morgan is a storyteller in the true sense of the word. She has a way of taking big ideas, breaking them down, and turning them into helpful, tangible tools.”

Sandi Patty - Grammy and Dove Award-winning singer

“A brave and beautiful story that takes on the status quo expectations of those in the ‘public eye.’ Elisa’s honesty will draw you in, challenge you, move you, convict you, and ultimately leave you feeling known and loved.”

Shayne Moore - Author, Global Soccer Mom and Refuse to Do Nothing

For Group Study:

Use the book, The Beauty of Broken, for a small group study or book club. There are questions in the back of the book to guide discussion. There is also a downloadable discussion guide available. 

Additional resources:

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Download the

Discussion Guide

for group study. 

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