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The purpose of Really, a blog by Elisa Morgan, is to equip women to live really and really live in every stage of life and leadership. Sign up for the blog


​Submitting a blog:

Really is delivered to thousands of inboxes each week. The content is then posted to our blog. Contributors include women with established voices as well as new voices yearning for a place to be heard. The tone of the blogs should be engaging and thought-provoking. Really seeks to engage our audience as women on a journey, open to questions and not afraid to address difficult issues. Posts should not be preachy - or predictable - but instead generate insight or allow readers to come to a new understanding based on what they read and how it intersects with their own lives. Word count should be around 600 words.​

While Really does not pay for blog content, we believe the exposure our writers receive is well worth the effort. A brief bio (2-3 sentences) will be included with your article with a link to your personal website, blog or book page if you desire. (Please note: We do not link to content directly from the body of the blog in Really, but will make the links live from the bio.)

The best way to get an idea of what we’re looking for is to subscribe to the Really and read the blog for yourself! You can also follow us on Instagram (@ElisaMorganAuthor) and become a fan on Facebook Elisa Morgan Author to stay on top of the latest news and content. Submit your blog to Carla Foote at

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