10 People Whose Judgment About My Body Is Entirely Irrelevant

Margot Starbuck startles us into honesty about the extreme level of our self-judgment with her personal list of irrelevant judges in her life. See if her observations jumpstart your perspective? It connected so deeply with me that I included her list in one of the "Becoming Beauty Full You" exercises in my upcoming book, Hello, Beauty Full.


Ten People Whose Judgment About My Body is Entirely Irrelevant

By Margot Starbuck

  1. People who will evaluate what I'm wearing in church

  2. People who see me wearing unflattering Lycra while doing cardio

  3. People who are younger than me

  4. People who are older than me

  5. People my age

  6. The mail carrier

  7. People leaner than me

  8. People chunkier than me

  9. Men

  10. Women

Margot Starbuck is the author of six books and is passionate about the really good news that God made our bodies to be instrumental, not just ornamental. Margot lives with her 3 teenagers in Durham, NC. Connect with Margot at www.MargotStarbuck.com.

From Margot Starbuck's book, Unsqueezed. Used with permission.

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