Apples for Christmas

What's the best Christmas present you ever received? A shiny bike? Your first cellphone? An engagement ring? Most of us can name something rather quickly. But think, what's the best Christmas present you've ever given? And why was it so special? Read on as Linda shares her "She Did What She Could" Christmas Story.


Apples for Christmas:

A She Did What She Could Story

By Linda

When I finished Elisa Morgan's book, She Did What She Could, I was reminded of a simple act from many years ago. I am grateful that God taught me the joy of simple caring, and listening to his prompting.

Every year during Christmas time I am reminded of one of the most special Christmas presents I ever gave. I was in the produce aisle picking beautiful golden delicious apples for "Santa" to put in the Christmas stockings.

There was a older lady next to me and she would pick up an apple and hold it like it was gold, put it back, then pick up a red one and set it gently back down. With a deep sigh, she mumbled something about the price and then moved on. Something about her touched my spirit and we kept bumping into one another throughout the store.

I kept picturing her picking up the apples and every time I placed another item in my cart, I could see the bag of large, unblemished, golden delicious apples in my cart.

In the baby food aisle I saw her again buying baby food apple sauce! God spoke to my heart and said, "Go back and fill a bag with the most beautiful apples you can find and give them to her."

Without hesitation, I listened and made my way to the checkout lane where she was headed. I made it there first and paid for my groceries (including the extra bag of spotless golden delicious apples). As I was leaving the lane, I picked up the bag and handed the apples to the lady. I said, "Merry Christmas." She was speechless and had tears in her eyes. I turned and went home, knowing the joy of "SDWSC," and obedience to God.

To this day I am reminded every Christmas of those apples. I never saw the woman again.

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