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When Life Falls Apart at the Seems

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

When Life Falls Apart at the Seems

By Elisa Morgan

Seems like I always pick the slowest checkout line.

Seems like people I do favors for could be more grateful.

Seems like when I sit down to write, the words could come more easily.

Seems like I could catch a break and actually get good weather on a day off.

Seems like my car shouldn't break down when it's not that old. Or my icemaker. Or my lawnmower.

Seems like the weed barrier should work instead of allowing bindweed to strangle my pansies.

Seems like my dogs could find more convenient moments to cough up hairballs on the carpet. And maybe they could cough it up on the tile, not the carpet.

Seems like God could answer my prayers to heal my dear friend.

Seems like I ought to be more mature than I am.

The only statement that holds up as "true" no matter what is the last one. As for the rest - well, PEEEE-UUUU! When it comes to my expectations and how I let them dictate my attitude in response to the circumstances of my life, I can stink big time.

Expectations can distort our reality. Life can fall apart at the seems.

What if I rearrange my thinking about just what it is I think I'm "owed"? Recently, I saw this quote on Facebook:


When I dig a bit deeper into my expectations, I discover many of them are the luxurious result of being blessed enough to struggle with "first world" problems! I don't have to walk three miles each way each morning and evening to fill a 10-gallon jug of drinking water. I'm not attacked on my way to the grocery store - where I have enough money to buy the food I want, and dog food too! I have a comfy leather couch, a backyard with a view of the Rockies, a husband who is here and glad to be, two kids who are married and in love, two grandchildren who still like me being their Yia Yia and two dogs that make me smile even though they create a lot of poop to pick up each week.

Yep. Seems like I am truly blessed.

Elisa Morgan is an author and speaker and the cohost of Discover the Word. Her books include The Beauty of Broken, Hello, Beauty Full, and She Did What She Could. Connect with Elisa @elisa_morgan on Twitter, on Facebook and elisamorganauthor on Instagram.

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